The Top 7 sexy horses every stud should ride

GamesRadar writes:

"It's not easy being a horse, especially a diabetic horse who loves sugar cubes and games. As a proud member of the Equidae family, I don't give a damn about the new protagonist in Assassin's Creed II or the stupid non-animal flying device he'll pilot. I just want to know if Ezio will be riding a freaking horse through the Tuscan countryside. Will he get to mount a Salerno, or perhaps a San Fratello? Even though it wouldn't be historically accurate, I've always been a big fan of the American Saddlebred; their chiseled bone structure and high-stepping gait makes them hard to resist. That would be nice. But I digress.

You see, I've been brought here to add some horse-cred to the mostly hoof-less (and quite frankly, boring) editorial content here at GamesRadar. So today, we're here to admire the fine form of gaming's greatest mounts, the tireless equines that carried helpless protagonists across rivers, through caves, and over mountains."

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