Media Create Hardware Sales for June

Examiner: "The video game hardware sales in Japan for June. The data was compiled from Media Create, which covers the date ranging from June 1st to June 28th."

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N4GAddict4332d ago

I won't be surprised if ff14 ends up on handhelds

butterfinger4332d ago

amazing to me that thousands of people are still buying PS2's.

SpaceSquirrel4332d ago

Nine years now and no sign of stopping =]

Dread4332d ago

i agree

that is probably the real reason why Sony eliminated bc from the playstation 3.

FamilyGuy4332d ago

The drop from may to june looks bad. All sales were higher in may, was there some great games for each platform released that month or what? All but the 360 anyways, it actually climbed a couple thousand sales where everyone else dropped and the DS plummeted. Damn you monster hunter, we console owners want you too.

commodore644332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

@ dread

I agree.

Why would Sony include PS2 hardware in every ps3 at a loss when the ps2 continues to sell at a profit by itself.

Just makes business sense, even if it ultimately means PS3 owners were deceived somewhat:

Anon19744331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

Actually, I know it's true. You see, because I have a 60 GB PS3 with backwards compatibility. This was a feature that was available and was later removed. Sony didn't lie to anyone. If you wanted BC, you got it. It's not like Sony crept into your home at night and removed BC from your PS3 while you slept.

Still, why would Sony kill the goose that laid the golden egg. In fact, last I heard there was a new PS2 that was being developed (with the power supply built in. Not sure if it's out yet) that was specifically being made for markets with little console penetration. And there's still plenty of games out there, and plenty of games being released for PS2 fans.

Now, as far as companies actually lying, look no further then Microsoft's coverup and campaign of misinformation related to 360 hardware issues - lies that have led to lawsuits in both North America and Europe.

or how about this little Peter Moore gem.
"So current units that are shipping now, what happens to them to address that problem?
- Well we're certainly not shipping units that have problems. Knowingly should I say.
So at what point did you address the manufacturing problem? If I bought a unit 4 months ago...
- There is no answer to that.
But you feel very confident in your units?
- I do.
That they shouldn't have more than a normal failure rate at this point. Whatever that may be.
- Well, it's usually like two or three percent...
PR rep: We're out of time.

You see, there's a difference between when a company actually follows through on something, like Sony releasing the PS3 with BC, and a company lying through their teeth and covering it up in an attempt to pull the wool over unsuspecting consumers eyes...only for the problem to balloon out of control until they're faced with a problem too big to hide anymore with numerous lawsuits and billions spent on damage control instead of actually fixing the problem.

vagisil4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

if you could have ended with this sentence---"And there's still plenty of games out there, and plenty of games being released for PS2 fans. " then i would have said good post.

but of course you couldn't post without being a blatant ps3 could you????

oh and this is an edit btw- you guys act like this is the first console generation....last gen it was sony lieing about DRE and spent money to cover that up. eventually they brought out the slim model with better dvd drives that remedied the problem, no warranty for the consumers, the only thing they received was an "oh well sorry"

glad you think micro is the only "bad" corporation out there, just shows your lack of intelligence. all corporations have done dirty sh1t at some point in time. i don't excuse rrod, but i have never forgot about the 3 ps2's i went thru as well last-gen.

least if my 360 rrod's it cost me nothing.

Anon19744331d ago

Commodore uses any excuse he can to wage his anti-Sony war. As a gamer it seems petty and closed minded to me and I just wanted to remind him that constantly bashing Sony while forgiving MS of their many transgretions against gamers and consumers in general is hypocritical.

commodore644331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

Darkie is in 'ueber-damage-control' again, i see.
I wonder if he's employed by Sony to patrol N4G to protect Sony?
It seems that's all he does.

He recently told me he had me on ignore, but since then all he has done is stalk me like a little nutcase. lol.

Darkie, did you not read my post and the links?
EVERYBODY knows that the p3 did have backwards compatibility at the beginning. It's no secret.... ;)

In fact, Ken Kutaragi was initially bashing the 360 for not committing to 100% backward compatibility like he had promised for ps3.
That's a fact.

That's why it is so disappointing to see Sony abandon its fans, go back on its word, and remove backward compatibility from its skus, just to save some dollars.

It's sad that you had to go off topic and bash MS, just to salvage the good portion of your ego which you have placed in the N4G PS3 reputation.

Why not admit that Sony royally screwed their loyal fans over this, instead of doing your usual knee-jerk fanboy response... because, anti MS spin aside, that's what actually happened.

As a 360 fan, but overwhelmingly as a gamer, i say that the ps3 does a lot of things terrifically well, but this instance is shameful.
If the shoe fits, wear it.

Please try to stay on topic next time.

Sibs4331d ago

They had bc to counter the argument that there are no games for the ps3. Now that there are plenty of games to go around, there is less need to spare the expense, so therefore they removed it.

Anon19744331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

That got kinda boring though. Out of all the posters on here, you're one of the most delusional fanboys I've come across, and I kinda miss picking apart your senseless, one sided rants. It's just so easy...and then you get all flustered and start to take personal shots and I know you're done. It's sick, but I think it's kinda fun.

Try to stay on topic? You're serious, aren't you? You're the one off on a rant about PS2 backwards compatibility and Sony "deceiving" their consumers in an article about sales in Japan.

Sony didn't go back on their word. They offered backwards compatiblilty, just like they said they would. Where did Sony say "We'll always have backwards compatibility! In fact, features will NEVER be removed from a console during hardware revisions!"
It didn't happen. Sony said they'd do something, then they delivered. Anyone who wanted backwards compatibility had their chance.

You trying to spin it as some "deception" is pathetic, especially considering your pom-pom waving allegiance to a company that's outright lied to consumers for the better part of this entire gen.

You fail...again. Take your console wars nonsense elsewhere. No one is buying here. Posting articles from 6 years ago just makes you look foolish.

commodore644331d ago (Edited 4330d ago )


There goes darkie, stalking my posts and defending sony til the very end, as he usually does.

.. and yeah. i was on topic, because i was replying to dread's inference. You, however, went looking for an excuse to hang sh1t on MS. Oh how original of you.

Sony promised BC, then criticised MS for not doing the same, then went back on their word and removed it.
That's a fact.

Deep down, you feel cheated, darkie.
Deep down, under your layers of irrational Sony love, you are also angry at sony.

The first step is to admit it to yourself.
Deep breath now.

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leeger4332d ago

hey Shui Ta changed his pic already. lol

MetalGearBear 4332d ago

if want PS2 really bad!!!!
BUY PS2!!!! LOL!!!

Dread4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

not bad numbers for the 360 in Japan.

27 thousand for 360


42 thousand for Playstation 3

it is not even 2 to 1

i never expected that. I thought by this time the playstation 3 would be selling at a 4 to 1 ration. Hell, i thought the 360 would have left Japan a long time ago... Got to give them some credit.


i do not know what ur point is, but the first edit was done immediately. And besides i do not post for attention, i do it to have a conversation with gamers.

Kyur4ThePain4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

Your first post didn't get the attention you were hoping for so you edited it to add a little more spice?

commodore644331d ago

Yes, the 360 is doing much better in Japan than anyone would have predicted.

I admit, i may be a 360 fan, but it has to be said that MS has really done very well this gen, even considering the woeful rrod debacle.

The ps3 will likely pick up sales in Japan with the much vaunted price cut.

clintos594331d ago

What bothers me is the media along with the 360 fanboys always make it seem like the ps3 isnt doing well & is failing, which isnt true at all.
If the ps3 is such a failure as they say it is then tell me this. Why is it selling at a faster rate then the 360 in the same time frame of the first 2 years in a half of each consoles release despite the ps3's high price? I mean ps3=23 million units sold versus 360=19 million units sold in its first 2 & a half years of both systems life cycles & the media & fanboys are not gonna give sony credit? I mean wow that is like 4 million units more sold & they just brush it off like its not a big deal lol.
Also the ps3 has been bringing in more revenue to EA, Capcom, Ubisoft & many other big companies & there aint even as many ps3's out there as the 360 & wii & still they get no credit? That just shows ps3 owners do love games despite having a smaller install base.
See what I mean? I mean its just a small thing but u get tired of it after u keep seeing it all the time.

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