PSP Go! Could Be So 2009 Soon

Rumors are starting again about a PSP Phone. This time with some good reasons behind it.

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RememberThe3574333d ago

Or did I just make that up right now?

4pocalyps34332d ago

no i heard that somewhere before as well.... but i wished they would hurry and make/release this phone. i would buy it in a heartbeat no matter the price.

50CALheadshot4332d ago

a constant link to psn through a cell carrier is definitely in store for the psp. the wifi was good enough for the past 5 years, its crucial sony takes us to the next level

RememberThe3574332d ago

I completely agree. But Sony Ericsson has not been doing well recently. If there is going to be a PSP phone it wont be through Sony Ericsson but most likely through SCE with help from Sony Ericsson.

LOL look at me going off like I know what I'm talking about.

ThanatosDMC4332d ago

PSP connected via 3G to PSN and to be able to play online games anywhere on the Go. Imagine that...

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LordMarius4332d ago

all these articles are just slowing down sales,
PS3 slim that
PSP Go there
PSPhone blah....

Just wait until Sony announces things and stop with the speculation

FamilyGuy4332d ago

It's a conspiracy, at least to some degree. It'd be really clever for a rival company to start these rumors but if they aren't doing than the media sucks for constantly creating theses things that consumers come across and believe.

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ChozenWoan4332d ago

They keep referring to the PSP as a gaming device instead of as a handheld device. Most likely to keep from admitting that DS and Iphone/Ipod is kicking them in the teeth when it comes to sales.

If done correctly, the PSP could easily become the leading handheld video chat phone that everyone has been waiting for. We've seen such products in futuristic movies, and we know the tech exists to bring this to market. So basically, it's a given that the kings ransom will go to the first company who puts this type of product into consumers hands, and Sony is in the best position to make it happen.

Will Sony give the people what they want, or wait until apple or someone else beats them to the market... well only time will tell.

daomay4332d ago

I need that pspgo phone now so i can throw my iphone in the bin.

FamilyGuy4332d ago

They tried that and failed miserably remember?

I think the newer psps are multi-media devices and have been advertised as such since the beginning. The newer ones being able to output their display on tvs makes them more so, and more console like too.

ChozenWoan4332d ago

Well the Nokia N-Gage was a phone that played games. The controls really sucked as it used the dial pad for the buttons and was actually closer to a gameboy advanced. Not to mention that the games where expensive, especially when compared to PSP games.

By simply having built in cam facing the user, people would hold the PSP just like they do when playing a game. With a blue tooth headset, calls can still be private even in public settings, yet with the added value of video chatting. Dialing would be simular to inputting text so no new buttons even need to be made.

However, a nice keypad would help a lot for those who like to text it up a bit, which using a sliding screen on a PSP3000 to hide the keypad would work great. Just remove the UMD and input the same flash memory as the PSPgo into the PSP3000, and now you have the room for the keypad and 3g/simcard tech. Giving users true freedom to use their PSP anywhere cellular service is available.

pirateandy4332d ago

I think if Sony came out with this and made a nice SDK for developers to wrap their head around, they could definitely be in a good running to be a premier competitor to other phone manufacturers.