What is good and bad DLC?

Most game companies today provide content for games after they have been shipped. These downloadable patches can fix game bugs or add new content to games. But what is acceptable content, and what isn't?

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mrv3214325d ago

Anything on disc but your paying for the unlock code is bad DLC.
Best DLC is anything that makes you want to play a game.

Resident Evil 5
Burnout Paradise or Warhawk.

shocky164325d ago

Good DLC = The Lost & Damned

Bad DLC = Horse Armour(rofl)

Rifle-Man4325d ago

I don't like multiplayer map packs much. I still try to get everyone to skip the new maps on CoD4 (Broadcast is okay, I guess).

Shmotz4325d ago

Burnout Paradise DLC
Warhawk DLC
Metal Gear Online DLC

Too many to name so I will generalize them.
"DLC" you pay for that is already on the disk
Overpriced DLC lacking of content
Horse Armor.

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