Koku Gamer - BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review

Koku Gamer writes: "It's official Capcom needs to step up their 2D fighting game because Blazblue is here and it's one of the best fighting games I have ever played. For those unaware Blazblue is from the makers of the widely acclaimed Guilty Gear series Arc System Works and it shows in a lot of ways. While the game does start from scratch it's also easy to see that it is in some ways a spiritual successor to Guilty Gear which again is a very good thing."

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DeadlyDevil3922d ago

I aint gotten into a fighting game since DOA4. :(

May have to try this though~

Ziriux3922d ago

Yea, we all know why you got into that game. Ahh the good ol' physics of breasts in video games.

Reibooi3922d ago

That reminds me.


Tecmo make it happen.

FamilyGuy3922d ago

I bought mine from and it just shipped so it should be here tomorrow. I wanted to do the trick mentioned in the other blazeblu topic but gamespot sells opened games with a special sticker so i couldnt do it there and the wal-mart near me isnt selling the game because it's a special edition, even though it's the only edition available...

Ziriux3922d ago

Yea sucks from brits. I wish games would come out in all countries no matter what game.

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RedDeadLB3922d ago

What is it with the recent bombing of 2D games and remakes?

Shade3603922d ago

Yet another cracking fighting game - Guilty Gear X is one of my fav all time fighting games.. looks like a purchase to me..

Ziriux3922d ago

That is the only fighting game I haven't played yet.

Reibooi3922d ago

If you love Guilty Gear you will love Blaz Blue. You can really see Guilty Gears influence in Blazblue despite the fact that it's a completely different game.

Reibooi3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

I just got this game recently and have not been able to stop playing it. It's easily the best fighting game of this gen(better then Street Fighter IV in my opinion.

The depth in all the aspects of the game is awesome.

GEESE3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

Graphics are incredible. 2D aswell, like sf4 should have been (3d fighters for the most part suck balls).
Hard as hell too! Roll on KOF!!

reddevilyi3922d ago

Street Fighter 4 isn't a 3D fighter...

Reibooi3922d ago

Yes SFIV isn't a 3D fighter however a large amount of fans of the Street Fighter series hated the fact that it using 3D character models. Alot of people wanted the game to be 2D with sprites like Blazblue is. However capcom made excuses saying they did everything that could possibly be done with sprites in SFIII which is a lie considering Blazblue and even games like Odin Sphere and Muramasa look way better then SFIII ever did.

reddevilyi3922d ago

I like the 3D models in SF4. I think more games should do that.

GEESE3922d ago

and they NEVER play as fast or fluid as 2d. Sf4 is dumbed down.

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