IGN: Bit.Trip Core Review

IGN writes: "If you were a fan of Bit.Trip: Beat, Core is another awesome package that'll last you a few good hours for a slim 600 point price. The music is a bit too predictable this time around, still using standard 4:4 beats and little more than quarter, eighth, or sixteenth notes to vary things up, but every once in a while the game will throw you for a bit more of a loop. The boss areas, challenges (which require you to turn your controller around to orient the d-pad differently), black and white danger zones, combo system, and visual style all rock. What it really comes down to is a gameplay design that just isn't quite as compelling as the tilt-to-move Pong-based game in Beat, and some simple music. For 600 points it's still a steal for any retro gaming or music fan, but I would have been just as happy with more Beat songs for the same price. Core is fun, original, and downright trippy; it just doesn't bring too much innovation to the overall Bit.Trip family".

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knox4325d ago

this sounds like a good game!