Xbox 360 takes a pounding in the east

Microsoft's long battle in Japan doesn't show any signs of letting up just yet with news of pitiful sales for the console coming out of the East.

From June 19th to June 25th the Xbox 360 managed to sell a measly 1,169 units compared to the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP which sold 157,022 and 24,737 respectively during the same period.

This will come as a crushing blow to Microsoft who has reiterated their desire to increase their share of the Market in Asia. So far the console has only really managed to stage a solid ground in the US and Europe, but why is this?

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achira6176d ago

we know all why it is so. because this console cant achieve the hype. its only a better xbox (with shinier graphics). i admit the xbox live service is good. but there are far more people who play in single mode, and there it has weaknesses. the most games are on the pc also but with better graphics, and the most games are only fps. thats the real reason, its boring !

TheMART6176d ago

You know what's boring?


And the rest of the launch games @ Christmas.

Name me one, one killer app @ launch this Christmas on PSZero.

There isn't anything.

TheMART6176d ago

I guess it's those strange rules overthere. Only buy stuff that's from here not from the USA also. So they wait for the Wii.

Yes I say Wii. 90% of all Japanese people said the PSZero is too expensive. Guess what they will be buying this Christmas.

Furthermore, I think MS has missed the opportunity by having a killer app for that market specifically. They should have learned from the original XBOX that people from the east don't like FPS or racing games.

What they do like is hard though, lots of story based things. And if you want to score big time, MS should release a game with stripbook drawings getting young female kids being sexually abused. I don't know what's into those Japanese heads, but they like that kind of games. Like also there are so many sexual tinted manga stories. Because it's not done to buy a regurlar playboy with photo's of real naked woman or something like that?!

Anyhow, my conclusion. People from the east have a weird sense of gaming. MS has failed in getting a killer app that lives up to their expectations. Wii will do better. PSZero doesn't have the killer app for Japan either. Warhawk is all about shooting planes, and walking around with a GTA like look. All in PS2 graphics.

I guess Wii will take over Japan big time

super bill6176d ago

i don,t know why ms bother.

JPomper6176d ago

Whoo, good thing I have you to form opinions for me, Achira! I mean, what was I thinking playing my 360 for a few hours yesterday. I didn't realize how incredibly bored I was the entire time before you pointed that out to me! You're such a helpful person! Marry me?

*rolls eyes*

Look, people need to stop being suprised at sh!t like this. Japan is one of the most xenophobic cultures in the world and they're already tied to Sony at the hip. I think that at this point, Sony is COUNTING on Japanese sales to hold their heads above water.

Schmitty076176d ago

MS shouldn't even bother in Japan, because they still hate us for kicking their ass in WWII. Which is why they won't buy any.

TheMART6176d ago

Well by that hypotheses, people in Germany would not be buying the 360 also. And Italy not to forget. Germany got it's ass whooped big time during WWII

Maybe that's a good thing to happen. Wii and PSZero can fight over east. 360 on top in USA/Europe/Australia. I mean the market in the east for games is declining. Europe and USA and other countries are gearing up in this.

Wii will whoops PSZero's ass, so interesting to see

zypher6176d ago

i have heard my share if immaturity from PS2 fans, but you are reaching for the cake. you belittle the history of WWII by insinuating that it has anything to do with why the inconsequential 360 isn't selling in Japan. tell me, if 95% of the 360's library were rpg's would you buy one?

TheMART6176d ago

Man go search up all my posts. I have a 360 and a big fan. I am not saying it hasn't anything to do with Japan/WWII and the XBOX selling overthere.

I am only stating: by that hypothesis, Germany got the crap beaten out of them also in WWII. But there the 360 sells like hot cakes.

That's just what I mentioned. You calling me a PS2 fanboy is the funniest thing I've heard in times. I think Achira, ssj/Lametime and other real PS2 fanboys that defend Sony's lies to the end must be laughing their butts off now.

Anyhow, I did own a PS2 but the DVD drive got bricked with a lot of money invested in games. Like the one from my sisters kid 12 year old same thing and a lot of my friends.

After that I bought a XBOX and now a 360. Nowhere near I will believe Sony's lies ever again

zypher6176d ago

actually my comment was meant for that schmi77y05 person, not you.

BoneMagnus6175d ago

Yes, Germany lost, but to say they got destroyed is simply not true. It was brutal on all fronts...anyway, about this topic, Japanese and Western gamers simply have VERY different taste in games. That's it. end of story.

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zypher6176d ago

the 360 needs diversity. as a PSOne/PS2 and (possibly) PS3 fan who recently purchased a 360, i can honestly say that i appreciate Japan's lack of interest in a system where 95% of its library is shooters (fps' primarily) and sports games. while i have ardently enjoyed GRAW and COD2, i must say that so far i'm unimpressed with the 360's other offerings (or lack thereof). whats even more troubling, when i look at the majority of the big games on the horizon, i come up with Halo 3, GOW, Prey and Thesis, with only Fable 2 to offer anything by way of diversity (Bioshock is hard to say, as it too seems to be primarily a fps with rpg elements; neither does Mass Effect, which it ain't nothing more than KOTOR without the license). thats a lot of carbon-copied games; and thats something Japan doesn't appreciate. if Microsoft wants to suceed in Japan then they need to cater to the japanese interest. if they feel that their current formula of shooters and sports games, mingled with the occasional platformer/rpg/adventure etc. works best, then its probably best for them to pull support from Japan and concentrate on territories where that formula works best.

JPomper6176d ago

You've listed a few 360 games there, zypher... but all of them being FPS. You're excluding racing and fighting games, which you KNOW the 360 will have plenty of(even if Forza 2 is the only racing game you'll ever need :-P ). We already have PGR3, NFS:MW, Burnout3, DOA4, Fight Night 3... all of them fun/great games in their own way.

I think what Microsoft really should focus on is getting one or two Japanese RPG's out. You can scream Final Fantasy all you want, but they've been done before. Put out a good, original JRPG and you'll find yourself gaining quite a few new customers.

zypher6176d ago (Edited 6176d ago )

oh, i agree with you JPomper. majority of those games you've listed interest me as well. but we're looking at things from an American perspective. with the exception of DOA, and MAYBE PGR, do you honestly think those games will sell in Japan? Final Fantasy and DQ seem so locked-up by Sony that i highly doubt Microsoft will get anymore Squenix support other than the already released FFXI. maybe (hopefully, as since i now own a 360 i too have a vested interest in seeing it succeed in Japan) things will turn around with Mistwalker and Blue Dragon, two seemingly japanese-geared rpg's. and Ninja Gaiden 2 will probably help out some too...if it stays exclusive to the XBox/360.

Silver3606176d ago

Mass Effect has elements of chosing your characters path, but all of Biowares RPG's have that. And if you played either Kotor you know they were great games. Mass Effect gives you a good story over a three release arc and the character interface is almost revolutionary according to most people who has played the demo.

JPomper6176d ago

We're just two completely different cultures and I shouldn't expect Microsoft to know a damn thing about what the Japanese want. Heh.

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