Pushing Buttons: StarCraft 2's LAN party potential

This week the Internet erupted into its latest games industry "scandal" - Blizzard has removed LAN play from its upcoming strategy sequel StarCraft II, forcing multiplayer gamers to log in to the service. Some people have taken an accusatory stance toward Blizzard on this little detail, even to the point where the controversy has begun to overshadow the flood of hype-building, detail-filled game previews that hit the Web at the start of the week. Petitions have been opened online. Commenters swear they won't buy the game on principle.

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Jhun4324d ago

Playing through Battlenet might produce slightly higher latency times than on LAN.

But for the reasons stated in this article, I agree that we should have faith in Battlenet.

Also considering that this is the company that runs the largest MMORPG server in the world. People need to get over the fact that times change and so do games.

Thugbot1874324d ago

Yes, they run the largest mmORPg servers in the world, however most people playing aren't playing with mulitpule computer from the same 1.5mb connection (which is average in the US). Latency will be an issue.

The next thing is they have left us waiting for 10years as fans hoped there would be an update to the game we all grew up with and loved. However no such answer until now. Then they take out one of the features that made this game what it is. Wow, great way to treat your fans.

Jhun4324d ago

But the point is that people who DO want to play LAN WILL be situated together physically and therefore will have the access to the same internet connection.

And I know that latency will be an issue since you ARE going through an external Battlenet server, however, I doubt it will be TOO much of an issue.

As mentioned in the artcle, this is a company trying to make profit here, so its understandable that they would want to protect their own rights by reducing piracy to a minimum. You can still have LAN parties, however, it would now require each participant to have their own, legit copy of the game all connected through battlenet on the same internet connection.

Thugbot1874324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Didn't they learn from EA and Spore??? One of the things that made this game popular was the LAN parties, I only played on Battle.NET to up my skills for the LAN parties. The other thing that made this game so good is you didn't need a killer PC to run it, it ran on our crappy school computers. We would drag our massive PC's around just to have Starcraft battles over LAN. Could we have just connected to and played? Yes, but LAN games made it fun an elite private club.