PS3-Sense The Punisher: No Mercy Review

PS3-Sense writes: "The latest game om ZIP is The Punisher: No Mercy. It tells the story of the anti-hero from the comic books of Marvel. Read our review and you see that we have No Mercy for the game!"

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Milky4333d ago

what?! Its atleast worth a 7 in my view.

ShinMaster4333d ago

Wasn't it only $10 anyways?

Syronicus4333d ago

In the first hour of the time I spent with this game, I too found it to be pretty bad. It looks ok for adownload and plays "OK" but in the end, the fun factor is just not there. Glad it was only 10 bucks but I wish it were 5... or free.

redsquad4333d ago

Can't really argue with that to be honest. I just don't "feel" the game.

Socomer 19794333d ago

i give it about a 7 just cause its a exclusive but when i played it i just felt like i was playing unreal tournament 3 with a punisher mod.
I did get into it but then i ran into some glithes are awful lag that forced me to quit game.

I think after i try for as many trophies as I can i'll be pretty much done with it. It was cheap and I dont regret buying it. It really is exactly like unreal tournament 3. The punisher did make me remember how much i dislike the unreal engine again.

Need trophies buy the punisher for 10 bucks. Its as simple as that.