Project Natal, Full Body Button Pressing?

Whenever Gamer Limit thinks about Project Natal, it emits wavelengths that their brains determine to be a threat, and it sends a tremor of skepticism down their spines. You see, something like Project Natal has the capability of completely changing interactive entertainment, and bringing it, as Wolfmother says, "into another dimension." What they are worried about, which all of you should be, is that Project Natal is going to be reduced to nothing but Mario Party, the console.

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OC_MurphysLaw4323d ago

Does the author understand that all the videos outside of the breakout game, Burnout and Mylo were merely target concept video's and not actual functioning game video? I think you all can take a breather and relax. Your fat a$$ doesn't need to learn Karate to play Natal.