Why the PSP Will Outsell Game Boy

Associated Content: "The Game Boy is probably the most recognizable handheld in the gaming industry. After all, it did single handily created and expanded the handheld gaming market. Throughout its storied lifespan, the Game Boy has sold about 120 million units worldwide, which is currently the most for a handheld gaming system."

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RememberThe3574325d ago

They keep games like these coming then I'll keep getting them. pretty simple concept. I've been surprise by the PSP's sales monthly when they aren't really putting out any games. Now that they are supporting the system more it can only do better.

N4GAddict4325d ago

Good time to be a handheld gamer with the DS and PSP.

-x.Red.x-4325d ago

DS for fun casual games
PSP for hardcore games

I love my handhelds

Iceman1004325d ago

why people won't care....hmmm to many reasons to list.

jack who4325d ago

why doesnt it out sell the ds frist

M_Prime4325d ago

hahaha, PSP will outsell DS?

i own both the DS (original and i want DSI) and the PSP 2000

the only reason i got my PSP is to hack it so i can play games like FF7... as for the PSP library, GOD OF WAR was about it.. the GTAs are fun but meh...

PSP sold 50 million units cause of HOMEBREW and hacked units.. the games coming look good and all but Nintendo is killing it with the DS.. DS prints money..

the gameboy has been around a long time and i know the the DS sales were included in this even though DS dropped the GAMEBOY logo, the last real gameoy is the GAMEBOY ADVANCED SP.. which i own as well.
its sad though that the MAN THAT CREATED THE GAMEBOY quit DISGRACED after his vision of the VIRTUAL BOY was a massive failure.

They messed up the PSP because of the UMD (UNIVERSAL MEDIA DEVICE MY ASS) sucked and battery had nothing on the DS..

the PSP is great but even myself i have not picked it up since DECEMBER.. maybe when i go back to school i'll use it during travel and to get online at school but the PSP is lack luster in terms of games right now.. after GT and LBP we can say otherwise.. though FLATOUT was pretty well done on PSP and so was the BURN OUT..

pianplay4325d ago

50 million people bought a psp for fuking homebrew?

and here i thought people bought it to play good games and have fun...

STK0264325d ago

why are you saying it will outsell the DS while the article makes no mention of it outselling the DS? or did you not read the article at all?

of course the PSP won't outsell the DS. The article points out that the PSP will, over it's lifespan, outsell the Gameboy, which quite frankly, it will most likely do. The PSP has over 50 millions units sold as of now, the gameboy about 120 million. The PSP however, is still selling while the gameboy is obviously discontinued in most parts of the world.

The DS sales were not included in the gameboy sales mentioned by the article. The DS has already reached the 100 million milestone, and will most likely beat the gameboy in a few months or years.

n4f4325d ago

well the guy that disign the game boy was gunpei yokoi, the guy responsible for metroid 1 2 and super metroid. he did not quit he died.
just a proof of how delusional troll can be

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