Editorial: The PS3 Slim is Inevitable

TheGameReviews writes: "There's been hype and hoopla surrounding the PS3 slim rumors, with debates going back and forth on the subject ad nauseam. There are any number of opinions as to why Sony will or will not release a Slim version of their flagship console, but when you actually take a moment to look at it logically, the PS3 Slim stops being a rumor and simply becomes an inevitability."

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cain1414331d ago

He makes some good points here...

Syronicus4331d ago

Who considered themselves a mature and well minded individual. I agree that the Slim Model is inevitable... Sony has done this for all their platforms. PSP, PSone, PS2 and soon the PS3. It's just their way about business. No matter what it will look like, it is going to happen. In the end, it was never a rumor about the PS3 going slim but rather when the PS3 was going slim.

SirLarr4331d ago

The PS3 slim will only be worth it if it comes with a price cut.

Also it'll probably be a good two to three years before we ever see one.

Syronicus4331d ago

It will be this next holiday season for the debut of the Slim Model PS3... I have even heard rumor that it might be as early as this month.

shoinan4331d ago

When, not if, but will it be too late?

iTZKooPA4331d ago

If I hadn't lost my job I'd totally snap up a PS3 Slim - assuming a price cut of course. Now it's basically out of the realm of possibility without a deep price cut.

mr durand pierre4331d ago

I'm not going to buy one, but hopefully this'll mean a price drop for the bulky one, so people will finally start buying PS3s.

reddevilyi4331d ago

I definately see them doing this, but probably not untill at least holiday season of next year.

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