Nielson Media Research: Video Game Engagement At All-Time High During Recession

The Nielson Media Research Group writes:

"How have gamers responded to the recession? While much of the conversation has focused on fluctuations in new game sales, a new study "The Value Gamer: Play and Purchase Behavior in a Recession" by the Nielsen Company shows there is much more to the story. Over the past several months, the number of hours that gamers claim to be playing is at an all time high, part of a rising trend in gameplay that began in 2007. Additionally, gamers have increased their purchase of used games to record-breaking totals since the Video Game Tracking survey began asking about this in 2006. The same is true for subscriptions to video game rental services by mail. Taken together, these trends point to gamers' continued engagement with the category even as their budgets have come under pressure. Overall, the recession has not abated the trend of increasing gameplay and may have in fact accelerated it as gamers look to get more value out of the games they own."

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