Sony silent on PS3 to PS2 backwards compatibility

Sony Corp. has remained silent amid the discovery of a patent that describes how the Playstation 3 could emulate the Playstation 2 Emotion Engine to provide new backwards compatibility functionality to the PS3 hardware.

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ELite_Ghost4331d ago

honestly, who really cares about bw compability?

redsquad4331d ago

PS3 owners with a broken PS2 and a ton of games?

Eiffel4331d ago

Are you serious? Um. Well think of it this way. You buy a next gen system and you can't play your old titles on it. That sucks.

TapiocaMilkTea4331d ago

I don't, but I could have. I traded in my PS2 last year, and if I didn't have a 60gb PS3, then BC would be very important.

Gue14331d ago

I once had a 60GB PS3 but it died... Now I have almost 50 PS2 games and nowhere to play them. Some people will say to me "buy a PS2 then!" but I really loved the idea of having one console that play games from 3 generations, it is very convenient.

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interrergator4331d ago

hmmm i think it could be a reality

CryWolf4331d ago

It better be reality for Sony PS3.

FamilyGuy4331d ago

It's worse if they outright say "this rumor is untrue" because then we'd have to figure out why they might be lying or accept what they say a truth.

Being silent, on the other had, means it might be a possibility that they want to announce when they're ready. They've said multiple times that it IS possible but would be costly to implement so they wanted to see if it was worth doing in the first place (or something like that). They also mentioned something about how it might need to be done on a title-by-title base. This was all said long ago.

I've got an 80Gb MotorStorm Bundle model so this only interest me if downloads pop-up on psn.

DERKADER4331d ago

I hate how Sony takes things away saying that consumers don't care about it or don't want it. Only to later bring it back because they realized how dumb of a mistake it was to take it away. I think we all remember the whole we're never going back to rumble, six axis is the new best thing. Backwards compatibility should be a standard on all next gen console, and was at one point.

phosphor1124331d ago

Of course they don't want publicity everywhere because they are hoping more PS2's will sell in the meantime, their big money maker.

nothere4134331d ago

Silence is certainly better than denying everything.

Knightrid8084330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

I'd rather take the silence than a flat out deny. If they come out and say that "Yes, its in the works", people would get hyped up and would want Sony to make it happen as fast as possible but if they stay silent, they can take their time making it and test it out thoroughly.

randomwiz4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

I believe the reason they take these things out was to cut costs, but not because they say no one cares about them. They just say stuff to have a reason.

The "rumble is last gen" comment from Sony was because of they were sued in 2004 by Immersion because it made illegal use of haptic tech(rumble). "Sony is currently appealing against an injunction that would prohibit it from making or selling PlayStation controllers featuring rumble technology"
Microsoft was sued too, but they settled it by paying $26 million, and getting a 10% stake in Immersion.

morkendo4330d ago

now why did sony take away ps2 compatibility?? from ps3?? will they do the same to ps4 removing backward compatibility is just dumb. then turn around and play silence is more dumb. when ps4 comes out I hope sony has REALLY learnt their lesson this doggone time. ps4 should be able to play ps1,ps2,ps3 games.

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Rifle-Man4331d ago

I have GTA: San Andreas and Shadow of the Colossus sitting by my PS3, ready to go!

phosphor1124331d ago

(as you steal someones car) "I need this more than you, I think."

Also, SotC is too awesome to have a single quote..but it would probably be "AGRO!" =P

Rifle-Man4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Ha ha!

Nice quotes – I forgot about the GTA one.

darthv724331d ago

They have had to use software to emu the EE since the original 80gb motorstorm units were launched. It is the GPU they need to emulate. This just seems really old to make new again.

All newer systems had the ps2 gpu removed which was the last nail in bc for the ps3. EE emu was already achieved a few sku's ago.

saint_john_paul_ii4331d ago

maybe thats what the Patent is for, to emulate both the PS2 GPU and CPU on the cell.

Carl14124331d ago

Exactly. Noone seems to have gotten the right idea with this.

PdubthePatriot4331d ago

Well, regardless of whether its true or not, arent they always silent on this stuff lol

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