Fight Night Remains #1 On The Charts Will EA Still Bring The Face buttons?

Weight , Physics, Reach, Footwork, all these aspects that makes a boxer a boxer has been successfully implemented into this title, but through this process something has been taken out and that's the Face button configuration style of gameplay.

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Crazyglues4323d ago

-because there is no reason for buttons not to be in the game...

This is just clever marketing by EA, they did try this before with Battlefield bad company - but fans scream so loud at them, they decided not to charge for extra guns and things, and just put them in the game.

Much better move if you ask me.

Sadly though, they have done this same thing with fight night, but they have gotten much better at charging you for stuff that should have just been in the game.. (so they will add a few features and more fighters with the buttons that you wanted all along and call it a pack, and charge for it) Clever Bastards...

What's next - Fight Night 5 for free, but you have to pay $10 dollars for every boxer you want to add to the game... LoL

egm_hiphopgamer4323d ago

lol it's crazy how the industry works now in terms of money but hey what can you do when your a gamer you gotta have everything even if the circumstances are bull