Ubisoft To Hold Live Press Conference from Toronto at 10:30am PST

Video game publisher Ubisoft will be holding a press conference live on from Toronto, Canada. Ubisoft will be making a strategic announcement with the Government of Ontario.


Brief summary of Monday morning's press conference:

Ubisoft announced plans Monday to open a full development studio in Toronto, Ontario – a first for the company in the province. This significant announcement is expected to result in the creation of 800 net new jobs within the province over the next decade. The government of Ontario is investing CAD$263 million (approximately $226 million USD) over ten years in the company and Ubisoft's net investment will be over half a billion CAD in the new studio, which will begin operations in late 2009.

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Natsu X FairyTail4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

its already started.

edit: They're Mentioning the Montreal team saying that we are great :)

edit: they will develop more jobs for Ontario helping the Contry :)

edit: The Guy talked about kids playing Xbox and they are the future of gaming . He dint mention PS3 or Wii yet.

edit: the Conference is in English and French!

edit: CEO of Ubisoft montreal : Yannis is there he worked on Prince of persia and Assasin Creed .

edit: Ubisoft MONTREAL as been ranked 3rd best Dev in the World

SactoGamer4328d ago

I found the Xbox comment curiously interesting as well.