Far Cry 2 meets Crysis: FarCrysis-Demo and Screenshot-Comparison

Modder "Simrad" published a Demo (200MB) for his CryEngine 2-Mod FarCrysis + Screenshots from the Mod and Screen-Comparison with DuniaEngine/CryEngine 2.

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Pandamobile4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

FarCry 2 in Crysis? Now THAT's awesome.

TheIneffableBob4324d ago

Far Cry 2 is still the better looking Far Cry 2, but FarCrysis does look pretty good. I think the thing it needs to improve most is the lighting.

DeadGirls4324d ago

The Dunia engine is better than CryEngine 2.

Pandamobile4324d ago

Haha, not by a long shot.

il-mouzer4324d ago

The dunia engine looks good but it's really limited when compared to cryengine2.