Halo 2 Map Pack Issues with Xbox 360

Numerous reports are coming in from various forums showing users getting multiple error messages when trying to buy the new Halo 2 maps on an Xbox 360. Many users see "Purchase failed. You will not be charged for this transaction. Please try again later." This is happening even with a credit card associated with the Gold account. Another error users are seeing is "Installation of content failed".

There's also many reports of big glitches in the new maps, such as multiple invisible walls in Tombstone.

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IBLEEDBLU4201d ago

The red ring of death and now this hahahaha just buy a PS3 and save urself the headaches

THAMMER14201d ago

I would have to agree there. The only draw back is the price and games selection right now. I would never turn a gamer away from the 360 though because it is the best choice for new and original games right now. All at a good price of $400.00.

Also if you do not have a 360 you will not get to play Halo 3 at all. The PS3 has no game that is on Halo 2 or Halo 3's level of detail and game play. The PS2 is still a better value from many aspects.

I can see what you are trying to do here. It is what many Sony enthusiasts and M$ haters are doing today. You want to put down the 360 in any way possible. Just look at you avatar it would make people think of that the 360 is bad but you are insecure with your choice. You bring even more attention to the 360, when it is clear your plan is to take attention away.

Can you even imagine what people think when they see Gears, Mass Effect, HAlo 3, FORSA 2,Too Human, or any multi platform game in action. Also tell you friends that Rainbow Six Vegas, and GRAW2 rocks also. Make sure you do not forget to tell them the extra $200.00 bucks they save can go toward some of those great games I mentioned as well.

Nik4201d ago

seems to be problematic?

razer4201d ago

If you bothered to read the article it was only problems with purchasing the content and nothing technically wrong with it.. This is also directed at post #2. I've got 2 360's no red lights, no download problems, no guitar hero II problems.. Am I lucky?? Or is it just the internet has so many blown out of proportion articles/bloggers/ps3 fanboys spreading BS about the 360.. I tend to think its the latter..

THAMMER14201d ago

I just popped in the H2 Disc and down loaded both maps. Took about 5 min. They play great and are allot of fun. I just wonder why some people have so many issues. I see that M$ haters love to here about the issues though. Sounds like purchase insecurity to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.