Droplitz - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: When you hear the name Atlus what usually comes to mind? That's right quirky Japanese RPGs that are being introduced to the US market. Well I was as shocked as you are when they sent me the information on their next game. Droplitz is a puzzle game in the same vein as the classic NES cartridge Pipe Dream, or the more recent hacking mini-game in BioShock. The premise is simple; catch droplets of water into a reservoir tip by rotating pipes, rinse and repeat. The simple mechanic explodes into addictive relaxation as you slowly become more and more familiar with the way the game works. Simplicity and addictiveness are key to puzzle games, and Droplitz nails both without much hesitation.

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meepmoopmeep4323d ago

looks neat, the hacking in bioshock was pretty fun