How I Learned to Stop Being Normal and Love the Sledgehammer

Wired: Sometimes it pays to be subnormal.

Half an hour into Red Faction: Guerrilla, I was wondering what kind of crack my fellow gamers were smoking. I'd seen loads of praise for Guerrilla, a game in which you play a freedom fighter (terrorist?) bringing down a repressive military government on Mars by bombing buildings, assassinating generals and using a gigantic sledgehammer to unleash all kinds of mayhem.

Provocative political messages aside, the videogame, released earlier this month for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, had been hyped as a sleeper hit, a surprisingly fun sandbox game about creative devastation.

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Poopface the 2nd4333d ago

I beat it on normal then beat it on extreme. After that it unlocks the 5th "insane" difficulty, but I returned it before trying that.

On harder difficulties its MORE about destroying buildings and doing everything hes talking about before getting killed. I thought it was more fun having a planed assault then just hitting buildings with my sledgehammer while the enemies watch me.

These people talk about being able to do more but dont understand taht on harder mode you HAVE to do those things to survive.