PixelJunk Shooter Gets New Feature

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"It's rare for a game to get a significant alteration so late in development, but when it happens it's usually for a very good reason. PixelJunk Shooter recieved a lot of praise and gained popularity thanks to its playable E3 demo, and according to Dylan Cuthbert the game is making good progress."

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Sev4332d ago

This game rocks! I like it the most out of all the Pixeljunk series.

DJ4332d ago

The E3 demo showed off some crazy fluid dynamics, though I must admit that it was a lot more fun during co-op than single-player. It was awesome being able to multi task each section of a level with a partner.

Lifewish4332d ago

cannot wait to give it a go

dopeboimagic924330d ago

This is gonna be a must-buy for me