Two Worlds II likely for PS3

Two Worlds comes back for a second attempt at open-world role-playing with the ridiculous but predictable title Two Worlds II.

Two Worlds II, or Two Worlds Two as we shall call it, is coming to the Xbox 360, PC (and perhaps more) this winter. The franchise's first entry sports a somewhat respectable meta-critic of 65 per cent on PC, though its Xbox 360 counterpart scores only a 50 per cent average due to technical differences.

Hopefully the game's sequel is able to answer its critics. Two Worlds Two could also be the first PlayStation 3 entrance for the series.

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callahan094333d ago

Two Worlds 2? What a title.

Syronicus4333d ago

Two Worlds Too. Ok, well maybe there is no way around a bad name for the sequel. lol

Jinxstar4333d ago

AS horrible as the first one was this had better change a whole lot... Especially with the quality of games coming to the PS3 in the next year or 2.

Zedux4333d ago

we get so many great exclusives that titles like this better not even try to enter the PS3 world! Please stick to the 360 an PC only you will save money and trouble!

Kushan4333d ago

@Zedux because the 360 doesn't get great exclusives, either?

Jinxstar4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )


Thats stiring the hornets nest right there bro. You get 360 fans that say "YAY Alan wake, Mass Effect 2, Halo, Splinter cell" Then the PS3 fans enter with "75% of those are on PC" then 360 fans"You need a great PC to play those and 200$ for a 360" then PS3 fans "Maybe wait til specs release" then 360 fans "Trust me" PS3 fans"You need more then an arcade to enjoy all the DLC that MS will rip you off with" 360 fans..... get my point? Why even bother replying to people when you know exactly how it will play out. it will be just a huge back and forth thats getting old... No one can see the others side and it just fills the articles with hits we don't need...

Syronicus4333d ago

The game would be better off if they would just focus ont he PC version. The first one sucked bad and at least on the PC did a tad better in terms of graphics and fewer glitches.

Kushan4333d ago Show
Bnet3434333d ago

How in the blue hell does a trash game like this get a sequel?

Jinxstar4333d ago

@ Kushan. heh you have a point good sir. Touche.

Kigmal. I'm totally on the same page with you for a change =D

Christopher4333d ago

Was very much turned off by the first. Will likely just wait for the next Elder Scrolls game.

Kushan4333d ago

It's sad, but it's not unusual for "trashy games" to sell more than they cost to make. After all, make a cheap enough game and you don't need many sales to profit - just look at the shovelware on the Wii. Who knows, maybe TW2 will actually be decent, maybe they'll have invested their profits well and got a solid game in the works. Maybe it'll be that oblivion beater that the first was meant to be. Or maybe not.

Christopher4333d ago

Actually, I think that's a good sign. Too many crappy games that cost $30 million to make are being made. When a $10 million game comes out and sells just enough for the cost of the crappy game, then that's about right.

Perjoss4333d ago

the first one was a steaming heap of cack

DaTruth4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

It's good that stupid people spend money on crap, to finance better games in the future, we get to play!

ThanatosDMC4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

I had a 20minute long fight against a high level monster. It ended with me dying with one hit. They need to make it look like an open world sandbox type Demon's Souls... imagine that.

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Jinxstar4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Kionic... The first was a complete waste of money and time. Total let down. I barely got 20 minutes into it before I returned it.

sarshelyam4333d ago

I too, was turned off by the game and its issues after 30 minutes when I picked up the Special Edition DAY ONE.

Shelved it for about 3 months...then came back to it...two patches and 40 some odd hours later I can say that the game was good. Not great, but enjoyable, bearable, fun!!

SpoonyRedMage4333d ago

OMG! Tha PS3 stole our AAA exclusive!!! Oh Noes!/sarcasm

LightofDarkness4333d ago

Aye, in an ideal world the title would actually read "Two Worlds 2 Not Likely At All."

DaTruth4333d ago

How come there are no "360 loses another exclusive" articles. It's always big news when PS3 loses one, no matter how crappy. "Lolz, teh Ps3 losez another exclusive....Teh Table Tennis 2!!!"

4333d ago
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