IncGamers - Dead To Rights: Retribution Preview

Tamer Asfahani has a look at what Dead To Rights: Retribution has to offer in the latest iteration.

"Dead To Rights: Retribution is a third-person shooter, brawler, action game. Yes, it's all of those things, and it's set in a neo-noir environment which sees you taking on a cross between what seems to be the Triads' and the Joker's extended family."

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Fyzzu4323d ago

I dunno. Hopefully they've taken some of the criticisms of Dead to Rights onboard, but I find it kinda hard to understand why this is getting another game when other, better franchises languish.

Dorjan4323d ago

Sounds like a one hit wonder.

Play once, and sell.

Maticus4323d ago

I loved the first game actually, can't wait to try this out.

Chazmers4323d ago

i remember the original Streets of LA on the PS2, great game for when it was released. Whether they can make the leap to the current gen consoles is debatable

micro_invader4323d ago

I think you're mistaking one game for another. This is Dead to Rights, the one you're talking about is True Crime: Streets of LA, which if I remember correctly was an open world game where as DtR was a linear action game.

Malfurion4323d ago

Lets hope for the multiplayer DLC.

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