French Retailers Refusing to Stock PSP Go? False, Says SCEE


A story doing the rounds last week that claimed French retailers were refusing to stock PSP Go was debunked by SCEE this morning.

The original JeuxVideo piece claimed that "major retailers" had possibly forced Sony to not launch the handheld in France thanks to its lack of physical media - which means no ongoing games sales and no secondhand PSP Go games market.

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Natsu X FairyTail4323d ago

Oh mon Dieu!!!!

on topic : That rumour was so Gay.

Syronicus4323d ago

To even suspect that Sony would not have their ducks in a row for a launch of a major handheld is foolish. I cannot understand why so many are so quick to report on anything negative about Sony. It's as if Sony themselves physically abused many of the journalists working these stories these days.

Power_Of_Flops_4323d ago

@Syronicus : well, most of these people are young bloggers or MS fanboys, not journalists.

Plus, there's the fact that the Xbox is an American product.

But yeah, it amazes me too to see how much energy they put in finding something faulty in Sony products, and yet they fail every day since PS3 still sold more from launch than the 360 on the same time frame while being twice as expansive.

vhero4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

All game shops should refuse to stock it as it will kill there game sales. This would force Sony to get real with the stupidest idea for a handheld they ever did come up with. Stick with the regular PSP it can do everything the Go can AND MORE! PLUS ITS CHEAPER!

JL4323d ago

Well this is at least good news for those French gamers (though I don't really know how big that market is). Probably a lil bit of good news for Sony to a degree too, nobody else will follow suit so to speak, and this was now-debunked rumor was just another thing fueling the flames over the price for the PSP Go.

Power_Of_Flops_4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

The French market is the second biggest in Europe after UK, but we buy our games in the UK since their pound is worth nothing now, games are half cheaper there (50$ there shipping included, 100$ here in France or in any country of the Euro Zone)...

So that makes UK 'sales' much bigger and everybody says the UK market is the first by far, while half of those sales are people from the Euro Zone buying games on Internet.

qohelet4323d ago

I second what POF said. everyone i know buys games in the uk (around 15 For me so far this year, all platforms,) on websites like or

JL4323d ago

Ah well that's cool to know. Good looking out. Really had no idea about the French gaming market over there. You know us silly Americans: we think the world ends at our borders lol jk

williepoo214323d ago

Going by this logic I guess retailers should pull their stocks of iPods and Digital Media Players too...

Counter_ACT4323d ago

Obviously. Why would a retailer say no to a new product? That's like randomly not stocking the next halo game for no reason.

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