South Seas Lore: Possible Raid Bosses

Based on the rumors surrounding the trademark filed by Blizzard Entertainment, Cataclysm, speculates on the possible main raid bosses players might tackle in a South Seas-Maelstrom expansion to World of Warcraft based on a background lore point of view.

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Medievaldragon4321d ago

My money on Queen Azshara and Cho'gall.

Leord4321d ago

Well, the queen sent up the Naga, it's about time we get to meet her in person!

Malfurion4321d ago

Didn't Illidan CALL the Naga? Ah, they're all working together I suppose.

Leord4321d ago

He kind of did. I assume he made a pact with Azshara to send one of her trusted lieutenants up to the surface.

Myze4321d ago

My problem is that Azshara is a major step down in terms of power compared to, say, Arthas. So unless they do something like make Arthas be beaten with the help of many well known characters, I don't see how Azshara really fits in, in terms of progression. Although, other than Deathwing and more of the old gods and titans, Arthas was supposed to be at the top of the list of bad guys.

I really feel like any expansion from here on is just for the money, and not for sake of progressing lore. The defeat of Arthas will be the first time the storyline of Warcraft 3 is actually advanced. In my opinion, the next step after that should be Warcraft 4. I realize that would take far too long, however, between WoW expansion and W4. An expansion that extends the story could work as well, but I just don't see this next one doing that at all. I am seriously hoping for a good new MMO soon, maybe Aion or further down the road, The Old Republic.

Maticus4321d ago

Azshara is a sure thing for the expansion if it's the maelstrom. I wonder if the zone of the same name will get a make over?