South Seas Lore: Isle of Kezan has an article about the lore behind Isle of Kezan, the homeland of the goblins located in the South Seas. This article is in response to the recent rumors surrounding the new trademark filed by Blizzard Entertainment. Cataclysm matches perfectly with events that transpired in Azeroth ten thousand years ago which caused the Great Sundering and the implosing of the Well of Eternity. The scar of that cataclysm is known as the Maelstrom, a vortex of raw arcane magic in the middle of the Great Sea.

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Medievaldragon4331d ago

There is plenty of lore behind this isle, introduced in the World of Warcraft RPG: Lands of Mystery, a licensed book published by White Wolf publishing, and co-created with the Blizzard Entertainment's creative team.

Malfurion4331d ago

The maps are pretty awesome, I think it's a safe bet that this will indeed be the next expansion.

Leord4331d ago

Kezan here I come! :D

Maticus4331d ago

What's the bet there will be a Cavern of Time instance for the battle of the ancients?