Super Meat Boy to have over 24 playable characters

Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen talks to NintendoDpad about the characters of Super Meat Boy

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Product4331d ago

When did a Wiiware platformer have 24 playable characters? this needs to release already.

sinncross4330d ago

The question is whether there is any variety.

24 characters are cool but if most fight the same way then what's the point? They cud easily just be costume alternatives.

Smacktard4330d ago

I'm thinking that's exactly what they'll be. Simply, different skins. 24 is nice though, cause I love unlocking stuff. This game is going to be fantastic. I can't wait.

ChickeyCantor4330d ago

For those who havn't played it yet, there is a flash game of the original on newgrounds

Product4330d ago

Ed has stated that they are thinking about putting unique abilities to unlockable characters, which would be awesome. I'm still hoping for a World of Goo character though.

Shnazzyone4330d ago

Nice i see alien homonid. Kinda cool they thought to make themed levels based on the games the character appears in. If they do that right it could add oodles of replay value. Wiiware is bringing some indie heat i guess. Now if only dsiware could start pushing some too.