Does Pepsi Know Halo 3's Release Date?

According to Advertising Age, Pepsi is planning to brand a limited edition of its Mountain Dew soda with Halo 3 IGN Reports. Master Chief's drink of choice will be red in color and citrus-cherry in flavor. Pepsi will be marketing the highly caffeinated beverage as "game fuel." More interesting, though, is that Ad Age is reporting the drink will be released alongside Halo 3 in August.

Some may remember the leaked photo's of the "Red Code" Mountain Dew with the Halo 3 stamped on the front and some may remember the supposed Sept. release date that was rumored as well. Both stories seem to be supported by this leak from Advertising Age but with no official word we must all continue to wait and see.

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PS360PCROCKS4199d ago

what's not right? Anyways the sooner the better if it's done, if it needs more optimization to make it more purty by all means Bungie take your time

shotty4199d ago

It's coming Nov 2007, microsoft PR said it will arrive roughly 6 months after the launch of the public beta. Halo 1 came Nov 15th 2001, Halo 2 came Nov 9th 2004, so Halo 3 is no exception.

God of Gaming4199d ago

Seems a bit early if you ask me. I have a close friend working for bungie and from what I gather they are moving along well with the game but not THAT well. Hopefully this is not another case of MS pushing a certain date. August does not make sense for a game this big...

Killer B4199d ago

Everyone knows that the Master Chief is a Coke drinker...jezz.

Black Republican4199d ago

has to be no earlier then november because they need a game that will

sell the console more especially near christmas and on christmas
and what better game then Halo???

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