The Top Ten Games of E3 As Selected by VGC E3 Attendees

VGC writes: "Vgchartz sent nine staff members to E3. Those of us who went had a chance to see or play dozens of titles in four short days. Below you will find what we consider the crème of the crop of games we experienced at E3. Each member submitted his top three picks of the show. They were weighted at 8 points, 5 points, and 3 points for first second and third place. When the figures were totaled, we arrived at our top ten games of the show. Our favorite games from the show are listed in alphabetical order by game title. Click the links to get more info on anything that catches your eye. For the record, Scribblenauts did have the most first place votes on the staff (3)."

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E_Dawgg4324d ago

The list seems to ignore anything big budget. Ever heard of Forza, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, MAG, Halo, and many others. Come on, no Uncharted 2?

ChozenWoan4324d ago

I noticed that every game was either 360 or Wii. Only exception was SW:TOR, but hey it's Star Wars so I can't hate.

As for avoiding FM3, HALO:ODST, or even ME2 is beyond my understanding.

xdye0174324d ago

No mention of GoW3? SDF red code! red code! attack! Call in sony air force!