New Final Fantasy title has multiplayer, partial staff list revealed

Square Enix just opened up the official website for Final Fantasy Gaiden: 4 Warriors of Light and has revealed that some fairly legendary talent is handling the project.

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knox3396d ago

i dont care what people say, i think this has a chance of being a great game
btw i saw the site to and i wonder what the multiplayer is about, guess well find out soon enough
oh and the music is catchty!

Old_Boss3396d ago

man until when are they going to remake the 1st one this is like the tenth time give us xiii and VR xiii and if you want to remake something remake vii but what can i say SE has became unbelievable

thesummerofgeorge3396d ago

How many unfinished FF games do they have going now? Just finish XIII and VS already... Cancel a couple of these crap half assed FF games and send the staff to help work on XIII or VS, you know, the ones people give a shhit about.

gameman3396d ago

SQUARE is n deep sh!tall of there games sell like crap(the 360 one only ) so they have to milke FF name simple as that

xino3395d ago

Let's see if this title will contain any stereotypic stuff, and if it'll be real time instead of trash turn based:/

Multiplayer sounds cool, but online multiplayer will sound better!

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