Lens of Truth retro Rewind: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Arcade)

Now we don't normally show clips of arcade games but it just wouldn't have been fair to not to show anything of the "better" Moonwalker game released. The 1989 Moonwalker arcade game is a very different from it's Genesis brother - gameplay is at a 3/4 view rather then side-scrolling, and is palys like a shooter. The animations and sounds are also slightly better due to the power of the SEGA system 18 arcade board. See it in action for yourself inside this Retro Rewind.

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Shogun Master4323d ago

This game kicks the snot out of the Genesis one. Maybe the Wii Virtual Console can pick it up?

deshon094323d ago

fun it think it would be great to see it agin on psn/xbl/wvc