AX 09: NIS America is looking for an

NIS America is looking for a new editor for their localization staff, as one is leaving to teach English in Japan. They are asking for editors here at Anime Expo in their industry panel today. Here's how bad they want someone: they have three computers at the ready right here, waiting for potential employee contact information.

They will be contacting people over the next couple of months from this contact list gathered at the event. They will be sending out a sample text edit soon, as a sort of employment test.

What they're looking for: They don't need a degree holder, just someone smart. Someone who knows games and this culture. Appealing to their fanbase? Good call, NIS.

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knox4333d ago

seems like theyre desperate to me!

ExcelKnight4333d ago

How is this any different from when companies put up job listings on their site?

NISA isn't the only one who recruits at non-recruitment conventions.