US market sees video games as the next advertising channel

Advertisers will increase spending in games by 45%, to $502 million in 2007 according to eMarketer's report Video Game Advertising: Getting to the Next Level.

Video games are becoming a full-fledged advertising channel in the US. A widening audience, especially women and older gamers, the growth of games with online connectivity, and the need for game developers to offset escalating production costs will be the primary drivers of growth, according to the eMarketer report.

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Black Republican4293d ago

slowly they take away our game space for advertisements...

fenderputty4293d ago

development costs, this only makes sence. It's lame but, it's been done on TV and the movies. Why not start with video games next?

scooter16854293d ago

If it's done correctly, it can add to the depth of a game. Getting rid of fake products and replacing them with real life products would add to the realism that people look for in games today.

Bullseye4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

appropriate,let alone realistic.The advertising industry has, i'm sure,little regard for the above criteria.The internet was once a place of truly free speech and opinions,now everything you post or type is available to business and advertisers, not forgetting government agencies and anyone else with a little know how. The internet is now restricted to what various governments and their agencies wish to allow. We had a precious commodity,now it's just advertising.Games are a business, but in the past have still been created with passion. If more money is made from the in game advertising, what will happen to the game content?