Eurogamer Holland: TV via Xbox Live "According to Michael Lessee may be the news that Twitter, Facebook and added to the Xbox 360 the most important in terms of E3 came last month, however, we see another announcement as great news. Although it secretly before the beginning of the known E3 was made during Microsoft's press conference showed their latest service for UK consumers: SkyTV for British accessible through their Xbox 360.

Many people will not remember otherwise than through a television special called coax cable home inkomt. Digital television makes its rise and the old analogue network is increasingly unnecessary. Now this is itself a major change because the huge number of channels has grown and the monopoly on television no longer in the hands of cable companies.

Live television, lost programs and on-demand movies and programs: it's all in there. The live television SkyTV is also another free only for people who already have a Sky subscription. The other people must pay when they want to watch programs.

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Jack Klugman4334d ago

live tv with no extra garbage like the ps3 and also with group party viewing where more than one person can watch it together. psn continues to get trumped.