PS3 Slim Can Give Sony The Win This Holiday Season HipHopGamerShow 7/5/09

1. Sony Will Support GaiKai Via Web Browser
2. Genesis Movie Service Debuts On PS3 Netflix Has Competition
3. Rumor: Gears Of War 3 Gearing Up For Unreal Engine 4 In The Next Generation
4. Game Review – Transformers 2 (8 out of 10) Good Game
5. And Tons More Enjoy The Show

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Biggunz4331d ago

has never been correct with any of his rumors. I like his style but he can't be taken seriously.

N4PS3G4331d ago

Forget who he is for a minute and answer this.. would you take seriously a guy that goes running around everywhere with a Wrestling belt on his shoulders?

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euchreprof4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )


euchreprof4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

A HOMEMADE WWF CHAMPIONSHIP BELT after Ravishing Ric Rude won the Intercontinential Championship Title from The Ultimate Warrior. It's a classic... I love how HipHopGamer "gets it" and plus a bonus he pisses everyone off who doesn't. Love it.

SevWolf4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

@ AAA: gd for open zone is over there ->
I'm just happy that I didnt read "Review: Transformers(MUST BUY)", he makes it sound like every game is the Christ second

Godmars2904331d ago

That's the trouble: everyone, regardless of how they look or even act, deserves to be listened to once.

HHG's on his nth "chance" and hasn't delivered once. Has only been hanging on because of the HH routine, but otherwise is no journalist.

sak5004331d ago

None. they are both wrong 100% in any predications they make related to IT industry.

gamesR4fun4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

ya right didnt he give godfather2 the same score what a waste of money Selling bad games like hes paid 2 Sorry hhg but this aint the first time either. U jus another judas using anything u can for a hook.

Carl14124331d ago


Well done HHG

gaffyh4331d ago

That genesis thing is almost definitely illegal.

egm_hiphopgamer4331d ago

so my show a week or two before E3'09 when i said that twitter is coming to xbox360 i guess i was wrong with that rumor too right look man seriously i'm not always right just like any body else in this industry but don't knock me because i've gotten tons of things right need an example. I told you guys that god of war 3 was coming march 2010 no one believed me now look, i told people about the home reward system now look, i told people about assassins creed 2 and the setting and new action that would come with that game, now look so before you talk get your facts straight because there's a plenty i've been right about

MisterNiwa4331d ago

Imagine he asks the people if he can take a picture with him, instead of them asking him for a picture!


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Darkspade4331d ago

I've said it before, This guys has hopes but just sucks at what he's does, All his Info is from Internet, I mean the guy wears a WWE belt, and gave Transformer 2 Game a 8/10 are you kidding me.. I think everyone that buys this game on Hiphopgamer's review should get a Full refund from him, Halo recon Beta is going to blow everything out of the water this year, PS3 Slim may help Sony but what are they taking out to make it cheaper, Don't you think people are tired of seeing new consoles come out so fast.. put it this way you just bought a brand New Truck Fresh off the dealers Floor, 2 Months Later they come out with the same Truck with better crap in it for only $100 bucks more then you play, Nintendo's the only company thats making the system upgradable if you wish...

Just like that WWE Belt hiphopgamer is a fake

Double Toasted4331d ago

follow that Seph guy around, when I haven't seen any of his predictions come to life, but I've seen a few of HHG's.

I did not murder him4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

There is a difference between being told something, given hints by insider sources, reading web speculation-making grounded guesses from all of the above -vs- predicting blank slate happenings of the future.

One's a blank slate prediction and the other is based on web speculation and MS rumblings.

Example 1:
360 will be bundled with Natal

Example 2:
360 will outsell Wii month to month after Natal launches.

Hell I make better Predictions.

* I Said MS will have full body motion
* I Said ME2 will Stay exclusive
* I said The name of Konami's new game was metal Gear Rising
* I said Forza 3 would have GT5-p graphics
* I said the new MGS game will come to the 360
* I said PS3 fanboys will boast PS3's line-up only to not have a lackluster one much later in the year
* I said that MS was going to try and steal E3 knowing it was the reinvigorated E3 where more eyeballs will be tuned in than normal
* I said MS has software for 2009 when PS3 fanboys said 360 has nothing
* I said Japanese developers xenophobic attitudes will vanish soon
* I said Splinter Cell would be a graphical monster.
* I said Killzone 2 graphics would be forgot about because of prettier games.
* I said XBL would start making huge leaps in evolution because gamers pay.
* I Said MS would have a camera "bar" with more than one camera and other capabilities.
* I said many of the games PS3 fans waved around on their lists the first 4 or 5 months of this year would be pushed back.



nhars4331d ago

You also said that MS is buying valve, rage a ps3 exclusive, dead island being at E3, wolverine being goty 2009, resistance 2 surpassing halo 3 and GTA5 being ps3 exclusive (no agent doesnt count you know nothing about it and nither do we.)

And thats just pulling from the headlines, if you went in depth theres no telling how much random bullshit you´ve spewed. Theres just no end to it. Grats on some comming true, hope you´re enjoying goty wolverine still.

Honky Kong4331d ago

i cant tell if iam suppoz to laugh or what?

Beast_Master4331d ago

I don't normally comment on HHG, but I just rented Transformers and I couldn't get through the one campaign. I handed the controller off to an my eleven year old nephew and he couldn't stand the game either. The game is terrible, only 3 maps, extremly repetitive and the controls where god aweful. Sorry HHG I lost respect in your game review ability's there.

MEsoJD4331d ago

I ask

Have you ever benefited the game industry???

Oh also great Transformers review. hmm... Ill trust your review over ign and those other sites. HAHA

Unlike user Sev which came through like the Last Guardian Trailer what the FCUK have you done???

You just have annoying headlines on N4g or obvious/weak speculation.

I would respect your work if it had any significance.

The problem HHG is your integrity.

Double Toasted4331d ago

Have you benifited the gaming industry? you haven't, now why don't you go find a very tall building and do the world a favor.

Megatron084331d ago

"so my show a week or two before E3'09 when i said that twitter is coming to xbox360"

The only one you ever got right and you bring this up every 5 secs

"I told you guys that god of war 3 was coming march 2010 no one believed me now look"

Look at what there is no offical release date. However I'll give you that most likely the release date. A release date thats been predicted by 10's of 1000's of people all over the web. A Retarded 5 year old thats never played a video could of made that prediction. Seeing how the god games are always released in march.

"i told people about the home reward system now look"

Months after it was announced yeah real easy to get something right then.

"i told people about assassins creed 2 and the setting and new action that would come with that game"

This was 1st revealed when micheal patcher let it slip on the "bonus round" you just repeated what he said on your show.

There's an idea why dont the 2 of you do a show together and see who can make the most predictions that are wrong.

cherrypie4331d ago

You like his "style"?

You mean grossly ignorant, loud, arrogant and incomprehensible?

He's a douche of the highest order.

BadboyCivic4330d ago

So many haters,wow!

If you hate his show so much and know better,why dont you start you own show or even try.

The Killer4330d ago

wow there, u r really getting owned in here.

look dude, u might have good predictions or news but 80-90% of ur topics r ball crap!!

so get serious if u want people to get u serious!!

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DasBunker4331d ago

A price cut can give sony the win this holiday season.. the problem for most people is not the size, its the price.

yoghurt4331d ago

But effectively a PS3 slim is cheaper to produce, thus in turn allowing Sony room to cut the price. So whilst the slim is not necessarily what potential PS3 owners want - it it's the way to get the price down then it's important

HarukoHex4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

actually no its not, if smaller with the same specs was cheaper then why do laptops cost so much more then a desktop with a LCD screen.

when the ps2 slim cam out it was more expensive them the original ps2. so in the end your looking at making smaller chips, a smaller main board, smaller blueray player, smaller everything. so it might actually cost up to 200$ more. not in anyway even possibly less then a reg ps3.

please use some common sense here.

*edit below*
*slim blu-ray player buy its self sony made. 280$ used*
they may use less materials, but the problem is making smaller devices is much harder and requires more money. like i said laptops use way less materials, but it costs more to make them.

if they do put out a ps3 slim, i see it being 450-500, and then shortly after the slim release the reg ps3 have a 50-150 dollar price cut. while it will be a big gap, it would make sense.

*down below those saying it would be cheaper*
okay i see where your coming from, but look at it this way, the slim would be cheaper if sony had already droped the price from the 400$ marker, but if they put out a ps3 slim before they put the price drop it will still be more expensive. unless they drop that price first. the ps3 slim will be more expensive. and if it was cheaper to make, tell me again why the ps2 slim still cost more to make then a ps2 fat that was made only a month apart. smaller always = more expensive "at first" but like everything it will go down. >.> funny how you guys are not getting this.

GameOn4331d ago

The initial price could be higher to make up development costs but after that they should be cheaper because they use less materials.

I think they will bring it out at the current ps3 price point and drop the price of current models to get rid of stock. I think that should work out nicely for them.

Erocal4331d ago

Are you serious? Comparing the ps3 slim to a laptop doesn't make any sense. Laptops are more expensive because they are portable devices. There's a big demand for that so of course prices would be a little higher. The parts are designed to withstand physical shock (to some degree) so laptops are more expensive.

The PS3 Slim is NOT a portable gaming device. It will be cheaper to make because it will have less parts, and the less you have to make the cheaper it is to create. While it might have cost Sony money to research how to make a PS3 Slim, that should eventually pay for itself after it hits the market.

Please take your own advice.

Anon19744331d ago

Just look at the PS2 slim. It cost way less for Sony to produce as it had fewer parts, and in the time between the original PS2 and the slim PS2, technology advanced and parts became cheaper and smaller. There's no doubt that if the PS3 and the PS3 slim launched at the exact same time the PS3 slim would have been more expensive, but this isn't 2005-2006. Technology marches forward.

To quote HarukoHex, "please use some common sense here."

HarukoHex4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

yes tech has marched forward yet the ps3 is the same price for how long now. if sony lost upwards up 250$ per system when it first came out, how much do you think they will lose if they put out a slim line that is selling for less then the bigger ps3. they won't seeing as a the slim blu-ray player alone cost over 300$.....if you don't get this you really don't understand the concept of money. the ps3 has the 7 core system, image how much its going to cost to make that along with the main board 1-4 that size. the cost would go up more then 50% to make it. use your head and stop being a fanboy for a sec. then you will understand.

you know i still don't understand how you people think that a smaller ps3 will cost less then a reg ps3. just watch, it will do what the ps2 did. the slim ps3 will cost more upwards of 100-200 dollars. more. if you don't believe me, that's your own fault for lack of common sense.

Anon19744331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

You're missing the point. It's not 2006 anymore. How much was a Gig of memory 3 years ago? Or a 250 GB drive compared to now? How many factories made blu-ray components 3 years ago compared to now? The PS3 has come down from $600 to $400 in that time, and were it not for the appreciation of the yen vs the US/Euro the PS3 hardware would have been break even way back in 2008, gone from $850 to make down to approx $400, and that's with all the old parts still. How on earth can you think a redesigned PS3 with fewer and cheaper parts isn't going to cost less? Your notion that somehow the parts are automatically more expensive when they're smaller is completely unfounded.

Think about it. The PSone launched for $299 US, and the slim retailed for $99. The PS2 also launched at $299 and the PS2 slim launched at $150. If history is anything to go by (and I personally think it's better than mere speculation based on nothing) a PS3 slim should retail at approx $299. That's if Sony's past decisions are any indication of their future actions. I think this strategy worked for them the last two times out.

whothedog4331d ago

Your stupid and seem to know what Sony's Production Costs are. Maybe they planned on selling a slim from the get-go and had the research done already. They might already have the technology to produce a slim at a cheaper cost than the fatty's they have out now.

4331d ago
Qui-Gon Jim4330d ago

The actual electronics wouldn't have to be smaller. As it stands right now, the PS3 is a premium product at a premium price. What Sony could do is release, alongside the current model, a new, cheaper model targeted toward the "entry level consumer" that has a few features removed or downgraded (e.g. smaller hard-drive and no wi-fi). This could crack open a new segment of the market for them without having to wait for a straight price-cut to become viable.

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N4PS3G4331d ago

Hiphopgamer and Michael Pachter should compete to see who gets the " I never get tired if being wrong " Award

Transformer 2 (8/10) .. omg ..this guys literally like every single game there is

DelbertGrady4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

He gives all games high scores in order to make the publishers happy and get more games(not sure he gets them for free though but it's bovious he wants to). Not like real reviewers who want to tell us gamers wether a game is good or bad. Transformers 2 is a stinker and everyone knows it. Don't let this phony fool you.

If Hiphopgamer didn't have a brain the size of a walnut that someone stepped on he would understand that reviewing games the way he does will only backfire on him, and take away the microscopic bit of credibility he has left.

darren_poolies4331d ago

I'm not defending HHG but what the hell is wrong with liking every single game there is ermmmm nothing! Stop nitpicking everything about the guy for god's sake, if you don't like him just ignore him, not hate on him all the time he's just voicing his opinion.

IdleLeeSiuLung4331d ago

Actually HHG is considerably worse than Pachter. At least Pacther does some careful analysis while HHG just looks at last weeks headline, rehashes them usually with some flamebait title and calls it rumour. Worst of all, he is 99% of the time wrong.

Remember when he claimed Ninja Blade was the Ninja Gaiden killer. Well I bought the game (not based on his outragous title), turned out to be turd! Count me blesses as I wasn't ripped off for more than $20.

HDgamer4331d ago

N4PS3G is a fanboy so I can't take you seriously. Also HHG has more of a fanbase and developers on his show that you never even seen in person.

cherrypie4331d ago


You have to understand, PS3 owners dont like pachter because he doesnt always say nice things about sony.

comparing pachter to HHG is ridiculous. One, this hhg person is a blathering idiot, with zero credibility, skill or use.

Pachter is one of the highest profile figures in the industry, a man who's paid (very well) by the industry to analyse the market.

You might not like what Pachter has to say, but dismissing him is sad fanboy nonsense.

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Gamer_Politics4331d ago

its always some ps3 miracle comeback things posted on this site...

N4PS3G4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

of course..its hiphopgamer..according to him HOME was going to win it for PS3 , then it was Killzone 2 , now is ps3 slim , then its going to be the Motion control and it will keep going and going.

Its beyond me how a persons gets so many things wrong and people still approve his amateur show

I don't even wanna get started on the BS he post
-Left 4 Dead coming to ps3
- Xbox 360 getting exclusive Final Fantasy 13 DLC
-Microsoft buying Valve
-GTA V first footage at E3
-Killzone 2 superbowl ad
-MGS: Rising with Natal
-COD4 Played on PS3 more than 360
-HipHopGamer's Gran Turismo invalid sources
-Sony 3.0 Update To Match Xbox Live?
-Also 360 Takes Japan away from PS3.
- Is Home already better than Xbox Live?
-Ghostbusters better on PS3
-Tekken 6 Superior On PS3
-Xbox360 Surpassed Gran Turismo 5 Graphics

and i could keep posting more HHG's BS all day but its useless

xino4331d ago

You're like a lil b*tch just moaning about your lost money. How much did you lose!?

You've already bashed the guy once, you don't need to keep repeating yourself!

Of course I'll take someone who is willing to change the way journalism works, by carrying a gold wrestling belt. How innovative cool is that?
And after the interview, he asks the interviewed person to spin the belt. Basically, making things more fun, have a good time man. Interviewing isn't some sort of an exam unlike how other journalist do it.

Oh by the way...stop agreeing yourself:P

whothedog4331d ago

Hey N4PS3G is just here to let us know how things work in the world. I didn't know there was a certain way to interview someone, hes got it down to the specifics I bet.

N4PS3G4331d ago


you think spinning a belt makes things funner?
No wonder you like HHG and have 2 bubbles ;)

DarK-SilV4331d ago

you don't like the guy just don't click on his story,
we don't want you to cry on his story ,go cry elsewhere

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mac4u104331d ago

gaikai is ok but i wouldn't recommend it on the ps3 browser Sony needs a new GODDAM browser!