New Alan Wake Information-Let The Darkness Shroud

Our favorite insomniac writer has been garnering a lot of attention post his sinfully delightful E3 outing.Here is some latest information that has trickled out of Pelaaja regarding numerous questions that have remained shrouded in the mist that haunts the game and its protagonist.

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green4334d ago

I am sure a PC release will follow but not the same month as the 360 version.

TheColbertinator4334d ago

lol Alan Wake was announced as a PC game and the first trailers were PC gameplay.Seriously now Remedy has been developing PC games first then the console counterparts.Remember Max Payne 2?

shocky164334d ago

One of my most anticipated games for 2010.. 5 years in development too.

Can't wait!

TheColbertinator4334d ago

Actually its 6 years







Traveler4334d ago

This game has been on my radar for quite some time and recently has moved onto my most-wanted list. The only question for me now is, do I get it for my 360 or my PC?

SaberEdge4334d ago

Nobody cares whether you play it on your 360 or your PC. It is going to be an awesome game either way. I think this is going to be one of the biggest games early next year.


GOTY 2010, Game of the generation am here. In Remedy we trust.

TheColbertinator4334d ago

I disagree with AAA exclusive.GOTY 2010 is Mass Effect 2.In bioware I trust

el zorro4334d ago

I can't wait for Alan Wake, but I agree with the person above me, Mass Effect 2 is going to be even better.

La Chance4334d ago

"The original vision hasn’t changed but the way the game plays out has been experimented with along the development process. One of the major changes is that the game is no longer a sandbox type of game where the player can roam freely (ala Grand Theft Auto)."

Oh well now we know why its been taking them so long, they weren't sure where they wanted to take the game. I think they must have scrapped the game several times.

XDF4334d ago

xbox 360 have plenty of AAA coming in Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Crackdown 2, Halo Reach, GeOW2, and many others in 2010.

CWMR4334d ago

-GeOW2? Isn't that already out? ha, ha just messing with you. I'm sure you meant GeOW3 right?-

shocky164334d ago

or maybe it could be Alan Wake
or maybe Halo: Reach
or maybe Gears Of War 3

Wow. I just realised how ****ing awesome 360's 2010 is looking to be..

MEsoJD4334d ago

can't wait to get it on pc!!!


likedamaster4334d ago

That would actually be a smart thing to do. So far every other game has been doing just that. It helps devs/publishers get the most profit out of the game when its released on console first, then PC. Piracy is rampant among the pc gaming community.

cherrypie4334d ago

Oh the irony. Alan Wake is looking to be another break-out, genre expanding victory exclusive and what do we hear?

"Oh, its taking a long time".
"Their will be a PC release weeks after Xbox 360".

The usual FUD trying to dampen the over-whelming positive buzz Alan Wake has.

One thing is certain: Alan Wake *looks* like it will be a GOTY contender, without a doubt.

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AnttiApina4334d ago

The whole game won't be sandbox, HOWEVER it doesn't mean that the levels are linear.

GameOn4334d ago

I still find it a little disappointing.

Xi4334d ago

where there's the open town of bright falls, and you can travel freely during the day, but at night the world is mainly linear, like the e3 demo, where you have mostly a set path.

Gamer_Politics4334d ago

man this game really has my attention....since its from the creators of Max Payne..

ShabzS4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Throughout the game the player will be finding the missing pages from Alan Wakes new manuscript, however not all the pages will be found through the normal game’s missions. Similar to how Bioshock handled it’s audio logs, Alan Wake will allow you to roam freely around looking for manuscript pages.

... interesting

Nelson M4334d ago

Yes it Will !!!
To Cover up the Last Gen Graphics

Just stay in Hibernation Mr Wake and save yourself the Embarrassment of Flopping

Traveler4334d ago

Lay off the crack pipe. The graphics look really good. Just because you are a fan of the PS3 (like I am) doesn't mean you need to deny reality.

The Master Chief4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Nasim = Pwned like a last place Turd

AngryTypingGuy4334d ago

Haha, Nelson's a worthless piece of crap.

Axecution4334d ago

I cant wait for Alan Wake. It'll actually give me a reason to unhook my PS3s HDMI cable and plug it into the 360... since the component out on the 360 randomly broke.

Still. Alan Wake looks kickass, and is the one game that i will never agree "looks bad". Honestly, the 360 hasn't had a single story-driven game since launch... Literally, there is NOTHING like Heavy Rain, MGS4, Ratchet and Clank Future, etc. Nothing. ...Until now, with Alan Wake.

felidae4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

oh, how clever you are!

just because PS3 exclusives look way better doesn't mean that AW looks last gen.

stvpid fanboys!

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