Quantity Over Quality in Gaming

As many times as I hear old school gamers ramble on about the "golden age" in gaming, it often can get annoying, until I found myself having the same problems. I noticed that I was missing the magic in gaming. I found myself passing through my game library and fingering through the Xbox 360 games, then the PS3 games, Wii games, and onto my PS2 games and stopping at my Metal Gear Solid series of games. I fondly remember trying to figure out how to beat Psycho Mantis and what weapon to use when trying to beat Vulcan Raven. I further scrolled down my gaming collection and came across Mortal Kombat II for the SNES and was reluctant to still have the 2nd grade line paper crumbled up with a huge amount of maneuver combos, and you guessed it! I just had to break out the old yellow tinted SNES to whoop some ass with Scorpion and Liu Kang, but the funny part was I found myself stuck to the 24 inch tube TV (because old school systems look like ass on my 52inch Sony LCD) when just a few hours before, I was asking myself "What should I play today?", even though I just picked up a hefty amount of new games including Ghostbusters, UFC, Prototype, and Red Faction: Guerilla.

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