GameLife Host Arrested For VA Tech Threats

Kotaku reports that Andrew Rosenblum, the founder and co-host of GameLife, has been arrested for allegedly threatening to go on a Virginia Tech-like shooting spree at a Boston-area college.

Rosenblum, who was taking classes at the Boston University, instant messaged his ex-girlfriend shortly after 32 people were killed at Virginia Tech, saying he was going to kill her, according to the Boston Herald.

"(I)'m gonna (expletive) bring a gun to your school and kill you and K (another female student) and everybody you love. It's gonna be VT all over again," 20-year-old Andrew Rosenblum allegedly wrote in an e-mail to the victim just hours after 32 people were gunned at Virginia Tech. "Seriously I'm just that demented," Rosenblum wrote, according to a BPD report. He ended the message with a threat to commit homicide and suicide: "killing people can change people's lives forever. (T)he best is in the end when I pull the trigger on myself, too."


Kotaku just heard back from Melissa, one of the show's hosts:

"I only recently learned of this. Anyone who knows Andrew knows he would never do anything violent. This was clearly a cry for attention that came from a very dark and lonely place inside of Andrew. It seems the media in general is already treating this as some hot topic when, in reality, it is a small story about a sad and confused guy who needs to get some help. He is now getting that help."

Kotaku reports that Andrew Rosenblum, the 20-year-old creator and host of GameLife, was expected to be freed on $50,000 bail today after allegedly threatening to recreate the spree killing of Virginia Tech at his ex-girlfriend's school.

Rosenblum, who pleaded not guilty to three counts of intent to do bodily harm, must remain at home and wear a monitoring device until his trial.

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SmokeyMcBear4296d ago

jesus what a loser, I can't believe some people these days.. best part.. "Rosenblum was picked up by police at his parents house Tuesday" Haha, his parents house. Man when nerds get a taste of girls, they just can't let go. I sincerely hope there are no copycat crimes that start up. People need some serious help.

sajj3164296d ago

it gives more fuel to the fire for Jack Thompson, anti-gaming lawyer. Since this guy is the founder and co-host of GameLife, its a gimme that Jack Thompson is going to jump all over this.

Dlacy13g4296d ago

Good God...what a loser. It's such a shame there are so many f'd up people out there.

@sajj316 I agree...JT will be all over this. I can see it now, "see? look what games did to this prominent game industry figure, etc...."

Robotz Rule4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

For biggest dumba*s and douche in the universe,and the award goes to.....this jacka*s!!!

And let all of us unite for once and stop tryin' to flaim one another!

Sphinx4296d ago

Why is every battle lost because of someone on the same side as yours? How can we, as gamers, prove we're not violent because of videogames when people like this say things like this?

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