Are Graphics Too Important Nowadays?

The Week That Was has posted an article, questioning whether graphics play too important a role in video games nowadays. The article states: "While these graphical capabilities arguably help to immerse us gamers into the experience more than ever before, a certain question remains: are graphics too important in this generation of consoles? It could be argued that many games are criticised harshly by gamers because of their graphics, ignoring what is seemingly more important: the gameplay. I don't feel as though this is necessarily the case amongst professional critics, as it's essentially their job to judge games in all aspects; not just in the graphics department. But from my experiences on various gaming forums, there's reason to suggest that too great an emphasis may be placed on graphics."

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SpoonyRedMage4334d ago

I think that some devs and gamers are concentrating too much looks and people instantly assume games are better because they look better which isn't always the case. It's why I prefer looking at Gameplay vids of upcoming games as opposed to trailers.

However graphics aren't bad things. If you can get better graphics without it being a detriment to other things that's awesome. Look how many people prefer San Andreas to GTAIV.

Cheeky Gamer4334d ago

Yeah I agree. Graphics aren't necessarily important but they do ignite interest early on when compared to games that don't have outstanding visuals. If you see a set of screens showcasing a gorgeous game, you're bound to be a little bit interested.

Major_Tom4334d ago

Always important, could you imagine playing SoTC without it looking the way it did back then, because I really can't.

Sangria4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Gameplay and graphics are not antagonists, they have an equivalent importance. A beautiful game with a broken gameplay is not pleasing to play (Fable 2, FarCry 2,...), and a game with a good gameplay and bad graphics is under-satisfying (Left4Dead, Warhawk,...).

I played many games where aliasing, clipping, blurry textures, low polygon models, etc... were legion, and disregard the gameplay, i'm pretty sure if games were more polished or had better visuals, my appreciation would significantly increase (without forgetting about the gameplay).

But great games are not only a matter of graphics and gameplay. Every criteria has its importance. Scenario, music, quality of online play / multiplayer, replay value, artistic quality,... This console generation made whiners focusing only on graphics (PS3), online (Xbox 360) and gameplay (Wii).

Major_Tom4334d ago

Left 4 Dead = PC game, rewarding to play and satisfying to look at.

TheColbertinator4334d ago

Sometimes I think graphics are no big deal but then I saw Crysis and Gan Turismo 5...could not avoid turning into a graphics whore after that.Still gameplay is still number one priority in all games

winther_4333d ago

I do believe graphics play a crucial part in every game nowadays, and I know I don't buy games I think look too crappy on graphic.. Like Prototype which I think is an awesome concept - the graphics makes me wanna cry though which is stopping me from buying it.