Top Played Xbox Live Games

Courtesy of Larry Hyrb, here is a list of the top played Xbox 360 Live games for the week of 26 June.

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Gamer134583d ago

Nice to see the two shooter games at the top.

Schmitty074583d ago

Then I noticed, 360 games

JPomper4583d ago

Heh, if he said "Top Live Games" the only change would be having Halo 2 at the top.

PS360PCROCKS4583d ago

Yeah the online aspects of GRAW actually made me start to like that game for the first time since buying it. It's just to rediculously hard trying to move your guys and babysit them WHILE killing the opposition, I would be better set to do it all alone, but online in co-op mode it's really cool. and cod2 is always fun online...

Islandkiwi4582d ago

How does Oblivion make that list anyway? Not that it's a bad game (I love it), but it's not a game I play on Live.

Schmitty074582d ago

Which means that since you are always connected to Live, it counts as an Xbox Live game