WorthPlaying: Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Review

WorthPlaying writes: "I came away with my first Empire experience feeling pretty impressed. I've been enjoying the Dynasty Warriors series lately, after spending years dismissing it as a recycled franchise. The combat is a bit stale, and there are certainly repetitive elements, but to dismiss it entirely as being the same every year is completely unfair. Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires proves that by giving you some interesting options in the campaign that you won't find the main series, and at a discounted price point that makes it a pretty good deal. There's so much content here that fans will be set for a while, but if you're a newcomer, this is also a pretty solid starting point. You're getting the combat and battlefield strategy of the regular titles, combined with some of the more strategy-like elements of the Empire series. If you're even remotely interested in the series, I'd recommend that you pick up this title".

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