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The August 2009 GamePro magazine review scores include Battlefield 1943, BlazBlue, Red Faction: Guerrilla, and The Conduit.

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knox4324d ago

battlefield 1943 looks good! plan on getting that

knox4324d ago

anyone else going to get battlefield 1943??

Chuk54324d ago

Probably get it. I also can't decide between tmnt,shadow complex or mvc2

ChampIDC4324d ago

I'll be getting 1943 on the PC down the road.

DasBunker4324d ago

im getting it.. it flew under my radar but i decided to see what the fuzz was all about and it blew me away.. you cant go wrong for 14.99.. im also getting MvsC2 and TMNT.. looks like the summer was reserved for psn/xbl games

talltony4324d ago

Cant wait for battlefield!

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Bodster4324d ago

I will be, looks fantastic :)

infamous_274324d ago

Anyoneknow if we'll be able to share Battlefield 1943 with friends?

MiloGarret4324d ago

Yeah, I tried out the MP at a friends house and I was instantly hooked, buying it tomorrow, strongly recommended. It's... Crazy.

micro_invader4324d ago

Agreed. The MP is really strong in this game. The different backpacks and the large variety of weapons provided a really fresh, and unique experience. And lets not forget about the awesome destruction, just incredible...

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The story is too old to be commented.