GP Exclusive: Burnout 5: New Info and Details

GamePro has the exclusive first look at Criterion's Burnout 5 (working title), due out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this fall.

Burnout 5 will allow players to play how they want, when they want, anywhere in the city. "We want one thing to lead to another," Ward told GP. "A race could become a Road Rage, which could then become a Pursuit, and then in the middle of that [the player] could get taken down and start flying through the air." From there, you could decide to record the episode as a crash, and "seamlessly blend into what you thought you knew was Crash Mode-because we are taking that to a whole new level. It really is about blending experiences together. We want the player to be able to start things and end things anywhere."

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SmokeyMcBear5109d ago

damn.. no knowing anything about the series.. i have no idea what he is talking about, but it sounds cool

MK_Red5109d ago

Burnout 5 is looking more and more promising. I can't wait to see true next gen crashes. When I first saw the crash mode on PS2, I was breathless and hopefully same thing will happen again. Kudos to GamePro for bringing first Burnout 5 screenshots and info.

Siesser5109d ago

I may be the only person on planet Earth who HATES the crash mode in these games; that and the burning laps. But the racing is insanely fun, and Road Rage one of the most satisfying game modes ever made. Looking forward to the new release.

DaTrooF5109d ago

just hope that its not like motorstorm,alot of fun........but kinda well,not organized and also lacking features,still agreat game though.:)

PS360PCROCKS5109d ago (Edited 5109d ago )

awesome sounds great but I hate this quote...

"1080p over HDMI, for instance, just isn't possible on the 360 at this point, although it's a foregone conclusion on the PS3"

First off that's a lie, you can do 1080P on any Xbox360 console if you have the TV, espescially if you own the Elite. Secondly why do they want 1080P anyways? I bet if they can achieve 1080P it will be at 30FPS. I would much rather see 720P at 60FPS with all effects possible. Oh and the 360 can do physics too, I hate when they say how much better the PS3 is. Yes the PS3 can handle physics in a awesome way, but they make it sound that the 360 can't do it at all, that's irritating. This sucks though this is another game I have to choose which version to get, PS3 or Xbox360

EDIT: Oh actually I just saw this, the game is under Xbox360 soo than I am asuming it's being developed on the 360 and ported so if the PS3 is going to be the better version why are they doing this? Unless they will do what they can with the 360, port it and than optimize and add anything they can with the PS3 version. what do u guys think? Oh and that would suck if thats what their doing and they delay it at all