Apple blames hot iPhones on the weather, others find oleophobic screen to be fleeting?

"Don't worry, everybody, your iPhone baking itself to a crisp is no cause for panic, now that Apple has found the culprit: the weather and your heartless negligence. Apparently you've been leaving your brand new iPhone 3GS in a hot car, and the warm sensation you feel any time you hold the phone has nothing to do with beefed up processors or inadequate cooling. Phew, glad that's all sorted and now nobody will have any problems with self-destructive iPhones they paid hundreds of dollars for. Besides, it serves you right.

Meanwhile, hapless Samsas Traum has found a problem of his own (pictured) that's sure to be blamed on some other act of god in the near future by Apple's spin team: the oleophobic coating is getting rubbed right off his screen. Apparently he has a bit of a fondness for a certain "Flick Fishing" app, which explains the highly localized nature of his oleophobic destruction. We haven't heard many other reports of a similar nature, but we'll keep an eye out for telltale Tap Tap Revenge markings on the iPhones of our rhythm-addled loved ones."

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shocky164334d ago

What about the people who live in Antarctica? haha.

Blaze9294334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Just like Apple to say this. What would be smart is that they just accept they goofed. Faster processor + faster phone + no air holes + SAME 3G design = fail. It would be smart to just recall asap instead of waiting for someone to get burned and/or a phone catching on fire then a big lawsuit happens.

YoMeViet4334d ago

They could just do a free 3 yr warranty plan. :]

dragunrising4334d ago

I see what you did there... :-p

JhawkFootball064334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Its exactly like the 360, Microsoft could say The peoples homes were to hot so the 360 overheated. You just dont release a product if it cant stand every known circumstance that it might get. Apple saying that its the heats fault just makes them look stupid at releasing a product, especially a phone and have that breaking just cause "its to hot outside." Pathetic

Kakkoii4334d ago

One would think a company that tries to tout itself as makers of "quality" products would have at least done a few day long stress test with the phone <_<.

HarukoHex4334d ago

new mac comertial

Hi Im a MAC.....AND ILL F*&(IN BURN YOUR FACE OFF, but hey atleast i don't get a virus, CRASH*************


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SpoonyRedMage4334d ago

Apple are d!cks. They should just accept responsibility.

SaiyanFury4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Yep, next you'll see them blaming global warming instead of taking responsibility for a faulty hardware design.

andyo134334d ago

Any ipod/iphone running on 3.0 runs out of battery redidulously fast.
to put it in contrast
on 2.2.1 i could listen to my ipod in bed and wake up with about 3/4 of power left.

now when i wake up using 3.0 its completly different.

the ipod also gets very very hot at times so i have to give it breaks. I tried to downgrade to 2.2.1 but that just screwed it up and ended up screwing my itunes up too. so im stuck with 3.0... apple, plz come out with a fix!

Elimin84334d ago

Don't know about the downgrading but as you stated the battery life sux DK B0lls. The sh!t drains power just sitting there anyone who states otherwise are just plain lucky

Kevin McCallister4334d ago

I must be one of the lucky ones then, because my battery life hasn't decreased at all since the 3.0 update and mine is jailbroken.

Gamingisfornerds4334d ago

Mine has equal battery life after upgrading to 3.0?! I must have that special 3.0 firmware that's been rumoured (I have a 2G btw).

My iphone can get ridiculously hot though!

air14334d ago

oohhh, so 3.0 is the damn reason why my ipod touch has been dying on me so damn fvcking fast lately....

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Salvadore4334d ago

How about taking responsibility and provide service for consumers whom are affected.

karlowma4334d ago

The Onion story linked within this article is ACE!

sunil4334d ago

"Authorities added that it was "just sheer luck" that the toddler who was also left in the car was unconscious at the time, as otherwise he could have potentially damaged the iPhone. "

Seriously !

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