Koku Gamer: Ico Soccer Review

Koku Gamer writes: "he first thing to notice about Ico Soccer (other than the fact that it has nothing to do with the beloved PS2 masterpiece) is how much it resonates with the old FIFA game for SNES, or Soccer for the NES. The opening title screen has a very old school feel, and on the DS this makes for a very charming aesthetic. You can tell from the get go that the folks on the Artematica development team put a lot of time into the art style, and the direction they take the game is nostalgic in the best way possible."

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mau644333d ago

the game looks... hideous, but could prove to be fun

Ziriux4333d ago

lolz at a soccer game on a DS. I hate it being called soccer too, it should be called Ico Football as that is what more than half a world calls soccer.

I played this game a few days ago at my friends house and must admit it works quite well and the controls don't frustrate as with most sports games I find on the DS.

SpoonyRedMage4333d ago

I think Gameloft have kind of cornered the market now on the DSi when it comes to soccer. Real Football 09 for 800 points is just too convenient to compete with unless you're a big name company/franchise.

bjornbear4333d ago

Interesting, like Football Manager on the DS =)

Killjoy30004333d ago

This is the pre-cursor to The Last Guardian. You play in a fiece 8v8 soccer match and get to build your team of collosi. Eventually, you get the ability to build your own collosi lol.