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The next-gen of gaming, also known as HD Gaming, started with the introduction of the Xbox 360 way back in November 2005. It is another thing that PCs were capable of HD gaming much before the consoles, it's just that they picked up much later.

Coming back; I spend good 25-30 hours a week playing on my Xbox 360 and PS3, and occasionally on the Wii -- that just means that I do enjoy my consoles. But the fact is that like most things in life, console gaming isn't perfect. So much so that I've come up with a list of reasons for the same.

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KionicWarlord2224334d ago


5) Highly Visual Centric (Xbox 360 and PS3): A good looking game can really turn heads -- MGS4, Gears of War, Bioshock and Uncharted; they're stunning games, and have been praised universally for the same. But it takes a lot of talent to makes such games, which not only look great but play just as well.

1) The Fanboy-ism: I enjoy playing games on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and on the Wii (occasionally) but I hate the fanboy-ism. There are no issues when you support your favorite brand but it's getting a little out of hand. Every decent forum is now filled with PS3 supporters, Xbots and the elite Wii squad. What surprises me the most is the fact that people take the console war so seriously, from ridiculing games on metacritic to starting anti-PS3/Xbox/Wii websites. It's truly insane and brings to notice the repercussions of a quarter life crisis."

Some truth here.

Killjoy30004334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

I can't remember a game that incorporates fanboyism in the narrative. Sure the author speaks some truth, but if you're a gamer at heart you can simply ignore the fanboy factor found on blogs and forums and just go play games.

I don't see how opinionated dribble of some 12 year old fanboy can detract from the overall experience of a game. It's just that the overall masses choose to sit and bicker about nothing (Soda Popinsky, Why Dis). Hell, at least Omega4 and morganfell, despite their favored platform, embrace some sense of structure and coherency within a civilized discussion, which is rare. It's just too bad people cannot express their preferences without getting in some stupid argument.

If you're that worried about the other side of this "console war," then note your observations and shut up.

My rant is over, bye.

bigboss9114334d ago

Especially when it blinds you. Recently a friend came over to help paint my house. I haven't seen him since we graduated over a year ago. He was among the crowd that was like 360>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>ps 3 ftw. While we were working he asked if I got live yet, and i said no. Then we got into a huge discussion on gaming, and what we have been playing over the last few months. When I mentioned Killzone 2, he goes "whats that?, is it any good?" I took him inside and showed it to him. funny thing about it was when he figured out what he was watching was not a cutscene but gameplay. We walked outside and he looked at his brother and said,"the ps3 is better than the 360." I was like "see what you miss out on when you wear fanboy glasses?" lmao. anyway if you like something thats great, but dont try and pass it off as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

cranium4334d ago

"I can't remember a game that incorporates fanboyism in the narrative."
Ratchet & Clank: ToD mentions fanboys in the game. It makes fun of their IQ score :)

vhero4334d ago

A non fanboy article on N4G! OMG! Not to mention is a good one at that. I havn't once bought a game on looks and never will unlike 90% of Nex-Gen gamers.

Prototype4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

5. This is one reason why I chose the PS3 over the 360; not because their games look better on paper, because they have games that PLAY better. I can't use the 360 controller on fighting games (my favorite genre of gaming) and also because I can play my older favorites and the newer games on one console

4. Outside a bluetooth headset (Which works on my cell phone and PS3 perfectly) and an extra controller I don't really see why people spend $200+ on something they rarely use anyways; and the whole Live argument I will not get into

3. I don't work for gaming companies so I'm not gonna pretend that I do

2. PC gaming is EVOLVING not dying

1. This is part of the reason why I don't post on N4G like I used to. A lot of people feel they HAVE to defend their console of choice to the bone and act like its the best thing out there; yet they forgot how gaming used to be 10-20 years ago - based on funfactor and imagination not "on my god his hair is a shade darker on here, automatic -10" and other garbage. I could write a book on how stupid most of the fanboys are especially the big ones on here

Beast_Master4334d ago

I love how gaming sites now are complaining about fanboys when they created them with flame-bait articles. I mean can you really talk about fanboys if your site is posting articles like, "PS3 is dieing", "RROD to kill 360" and "Wii to kill hardcore gaming as we know it". Not that this site has but really this is how fanboys are created. I never heard anyone talk about Xbox or Gamecube sales last Gen. and now the PS3 is in last place but has already outsold both of the last gen console "losers". And yet that is all people talk about is sales, graphics comparisons and exclusives. I guess because the race has never been close before now we have fanboys? Where did they come from, where they always here...No they where created by the gaming media. You want to stop fanboyism than post articles about games. But we will never see that because it isn't the big sites that are posting the flamebait anymore it is the little sites like (fake) and you get the point.

N4g_null4334d ago

The reason why fanboyism sucks is it kills word of mouth which is why Wii fit and wii what ever sales fanboys don't pass on the good word or if they do they don't state any thing useful or exciting they always push what you should like.

Before we did not need huge ads to sell games now even the funniest games get trashed because some one is a fan of some thing else. Back in the day if a game was not good we just tried not to talk about it. I have also notice that kids love talking about stuff that suck rather than not.

When power rangers came out we ignored it ( my gen) Go bots, ignored it same thing LOL.

Another thing is no one is hurt by some one bashing their console. Especially if that console is trying to sell to every one. We all resisted the PS1 but i won over developers than gamers. Money hats where nice also.

We have a lot of gimmicks and even the Wii was said to be one yet it has been the only real addition to gaming IMO. Graphics are becoming more of a problem than a help for this industry right now.

TheDude2dot04334d ago

Fact: Every gamer is a fanboy because everyone has a preference. "True Gamers" are a myth so stop trying to say you are one.

el_bandito4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Bro, you can have preferences but you may spare yourself from fanboy acts/rants. I agree though on the "true gamer" part. As long as you play games, you are a gamer, regardless of how bad you suck at playing games or how you prefer to present yourself to other gamers.

RedPawn4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Phuch Hugh

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SpoonyRedMage4334d ago

Gaming as a whole has turned visual centric though, even on the less powerful hardware with games getting hype simply because they look better than all the others. I'm guilty of it too.

Raf1k14334d ago

Yeah we're all guilty of it and it's hardly surprising. With the advancements in technology and games like Bioshock, Uncharted etc. people do expect modern games to look good.

It's a shame that we sometimes take it to the point that we care more for visuals than gameplay but thankfully most come to their senses before too long lol.

Traveler4334d ago

Agreed. Gameplay always trumps graphics. Unfortunately graphics are often the first thing we see about a game and it tends to make us kind of visually fixated as we lead up to the release of a game.

I would always rather play a fun game with average graphics than an average game with great graphics. The best situation though, is if a game has great gameplay AND great graphics. Games like Uncharted, Killzone 2 and Gears of War spring to mind.

N4g_null4334d ago

One reason why you don't have as many people buying these system is because the industry is forgetting why we even started playing. The guy that wrote this articule is a old schooler. I loved the neo geo back in the day for it's art not it's tech. Another thing is we all wanted powerful system because it could advance game play. Yet what we are getting is PC games with dumbed down content. Now imagine a bunch that grew up getting their a$$es handed to them to now just walk thur a game with out even know how to play it almost at all.

This is why people are leaving gaming and suddenly we get these emotional kids that have not idea why this very industry exists yet they claim that the HD console are progress. What they don't understand is this is not progress and actually a regression.

On top of this we all screamed don't kill 2d gaming, now you have young gamer who look down on 2d now. It has to be a sand box simulation with the same game play that wasn't addictive interesting or pretty to play.

You know your going in the wrong direction when companies start closing down.
The quality of studios is going down also.
Suddenly it went from you had to have talent to you must have 5 to 6 year experience to work with us LOL. I think the only chance most new comers have iws being scooped up by one of the big publishers EA or Ubi and we all know how EA operates. Another thing is talent in this industry is becoming more of a throw away thing. Over design and cloning is the name of the game now. It doesn't seem like any one is playing a large list of games any more on the dev side of things.

Lots of people think you get to such high heights in this industry by making pretty games when that is not true. You have to make fun games first. You have to have solid code also.

Art styles are graphics whoring are two different things. Graphics whore tend to only want a game with superior graphics. Gamers back in the day played games bacuase the artist had superior style not tech.

If you will notice i took Epic to have the tech advantage for them to truly come into their own. Yet even when they got to the top people still hated their style. Similar to how people loved Final fantasies old art yet started to hate the metro sexual style that it was evolving into.

Lots of people call these games reboots but seriously they are just coats of paint. We wanted huge carts so the challenge could be bigger! So that the art could be fully included. Gaming use to be more of a mix of things rather than just a few things. This is why we love console rather than PCs.

Nelson M4334d ago

Haaaaaa Haaah !!!!!!!!!!!


its still out selling ps3.....


PirateThom4334d ago

Well, put it like this, it has two SKUs cheaper than a Wii, but it has to compete with a console priced twice as much as it. In 2007 and 2008, the PS3 and 360 have sold equal amounts.

saimcheeda4334d ago

the next gen of gaming, also known as hd gamin started in november 2006 with the introduction of the PS3

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4334d ago

...the 'HD' in the 'xBox 360' means - 'Hardware Defects'!!! ;-D

TheMART4334d ago

@ PirateThommy

"Well, put it like this, it has two SKUs cheaper than a Wii, but it has to compete with a console priced twice as much as it. In 2007 and 2008, the PS3 and 360 have sold equal amounts."

What the PS3 fans don't seem to understand is this:

- The Wii doesn't compete with the 360/PS3. Its selling to its own target group, people that before didn't buy a console and wouldn't buy the 360/PS3 to start with. That its cheaper then the Wii doesn't make a difference. That target group doesn't buy cheap, they buy a Wiimote because they can't use a normal controller and want to play some stupid pile of minigames and sportnonsense.

- The fact that the PS3 is about twice as expensive as the 360 Premium doesn't matter even. Yes in 2007 and 2008 the PS3 hold up pretty well. Why? Because the hardcore gamers have bought it and will buy it at about any price. Problem have risen from September 2008 and on, now the hardcore fans bought one, the mass isn't interested. The major problem that came along is recession. High priced goods are left alone.

Since September 2008 the 360 is outselling the PS3 world wide with large numbers. The gap of 8 mln. lead has even been getting bigger to 9 or maybe already 10 mln.

It really doesn't matter to explain that the PS3's high price is a problem, the 360 outsells it thats whats important. Even more important, the 360 is on the 200 bucks line which make the mass to buy the thing, while the PS3 even with a pricedrop of 100 bucks, will stay on 300 bucks which isn't a mass market pricelevel.

Thus: stop saying it did pretty well the first two years on a high price and that problems are easy solved. That won't be the case. And remember, when Sony drops the price, Microsoft can drop the price again also. Sony's strategy was just wrong to start out with a console that was 200 Euro more expensive then its direct competitor at that time. The price advantage will allways be on the 360's side.

Jack Klugman4334d ago

and sony has been playing catchup ever since. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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PirateThom4334d ago

I don't like how this gen has been reduced to pixel differences rather than games.

Killjoy30004334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

I assume you're talking about multi-platform comparison video offered by the likes of GT and Lense Of Truth? Because I can't stand that crap.

Uh-oh, there's ultra spectacular ember effects in the Xbox 360 version of Ghost Busters that double the immersion of what is found on the PS3 version /Sarcasm.

Chris3994334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

This gen is all about playing sales and pixels. Quite sad, really.

Edit: It's a shame that people seem to be so caught up in the sports-fan like mentality that they are missing some real treasures this gen. cinematic or immersive games that simply were not possible or available 5 years ago.

It's a wonderful time to be a gamer, if you ignore the internet :)

Oh, and review scores need to be ditched altogether. Reading and interpreting someone's experience with a game is defeated as soon as a numerical value is stamped on it. People veer too easily towards the "number" and it's 'meaning' without examining any of the thoughts that led to that result.

Killjoy30004334d ago

I agree with you on the flawed aspects of game reviews. Most gamers have the mentality that a numerical value contributes to the quality of the overall game, when in fact it seems as though a score is stamped on a review to cater to the lazy and the illeterate. But most importantly, it's their for one simple thing.

My d!ck is bigger than yours.

That's right, the sole purpous of this unecessary score sytem is to boil down to an all-out pissing contest of epic proprtions, nothing more. Scores of reviews are also often looked at as a platform used in the console war.

And when it boils down to it, a game may be marked down in score for such a stupid, tedious reason that the reader may not even care about. Things such as game length and lack of co-op (don't even get me started on reviewing something that isn't there like in the KZ2 reviews) are all little nuances that some gamers may not even care about, yet they will not make a purchase simply because the score doesn't meet their desired standard.

Yet the reader that wouldn't mind these little nitpics will overlook this and interperet the score as their buying decision, which is really sad.

The scores that Heavenly Sword recieved are prime examples of what I'm talking about. If I had judged the game by scores and didn't actually read the reviews or play the game myself, I wouldn't have experienced such an awesome game. And you know why Heavenly Sword recieved such a low score compared to other AAA games of similar stature? The game isn't as long as people hoped. those six hours that people b!tched about were some damn good hours in my mind, and definately warranted the price tag.

But, unfortunately, many people ignored the game because of the score, and never realizing that the length was the only quality the game didn't prosper in.

bjornbear4334d ago

It is sad to see people put down a game because it looks "a little worst" on one console than on the other =/ i fear games now days are dividing into two groups:

Real gamers that just have fun and play

Elitist gamers that will actually take reviews and graphics comparisons so seriously they will base their next purchase on it =/

I personally use reviews as a balance tipper if I'm on the fence about a game, which isn't rare, considering how expensive games are nowdays, risking 60€ on a 4 hour experience (Terminator Salvation for example) is a bad move =/

But some people just jump at metacritic and justify their superiority through scores and sales =/

Gaming is being detached form fun, and its merely becoming a sport, where people pick teams, and then go on to argue who won most champion's leagues, and how many national cups, etc...and don't actually enjoy the GAMES.

However, this is the community...because real gamers just stick to the games =) It's just sad to see people like that =( because in the end they miss the whole point of gaming

You were just meant to play =)

N4g_null4334d ago

Man the sport fan thing is right no. Have we stop to think where that came from though? Most kids did not care too much about sports but when you are older you must take sides. The people who do not take sides are simply not listen to. Things really got out of hand when the 3d gen started no one knew how to measure the systems and we all worked off of specs. Seriously every one claiming they know the cell has more power has no idea what is going on or how to use that power. I think this is another part of the problem. Any thing can be proven in electronics. If it can not be proven in a full game then it is not worth talking about as gamers.

Also it is pretty abusive. The xbox fans really did try and make the other gamers feel bad about their choice of console. Well becuase their system of choice just did not sell untill certain games came out. It seems a few did for a little while which is where I think this hate is coming from. They now think it is ok to do the same with the xbox and of course the Wii.

I think another reason people just don't take up for the Wii is we all know a large part of the new comers only want an HD box. They don't care about the gems of the past and the ones with out certain effects.

Then on top of it all many just plain feel bad for playing a childs toy for entertainment. I guess you could say we are all fighting the micheal jackson effect. It is a weird witch hunt like thing. Yet this is why I love the Wii. It bring girls and woman backing into gaming to make it a normal thing again.

Hell I'm starting to think the MJ stuff was due to no women staying over at night. Yet I'm betting if MJ was a womanizer their wouldn't have been any problems. That's beside the point though.

We all play games because they are fun and actually video gaming is actually alot deeper than most games.

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Tee7soo4334d ago

i prefeer this gen 10 times more than last gen
and thats the truth .

Killjoy30004334d ago

But there are still some experiences found last gen that just simply cannot be combated. Such as Shadow Of The Colossus and Okami. I think that FPS gaming is the only genre that has truly trudged forward to the advancement of next-gen quality standards. All other experiences tend to miss the mark and mearly replicate what's been done in the previous console era.

Games such as Devil May Cry 4, RE5, Ninja Gaiden, Halo and many, many more have yet to be truly expanded upon.

table4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

In terms of online gaming there has been major steps forward this gen, but for single player all we have is improved graphics over last gen. Their have only been a few new IPs that are truely great(Gears, Uncharted, Bioshock) but as killjoy said alot of the well known games failed to step up to the plate.

Look at games like GTA4, RE5 and Halo3. All good games but nothing on their predecessors last gen.

In my honest opinion, I still enjoy Playstation 1 games more than any others. I'm playing my ps1 the most at the moment.

ps1 > n64 > ps2 > NES/SNES > PS3 > 360 > SEGA genesis

The older PC games like AoE2 and Commandos2 were incredible aswell. You just don't get the sort of gameplay anymore.

Thats the way I see it over the consoles worth mentioning :)

bjornbear4334d ago

But in terms of services and online functionality hell yeah!

I still play PS2 and PS1 games, even N64 games!! This gen hasn't had enough time to fully shine with new IP's yet!! There have been a good few but there's still more to come i believe =)

Graphics wise and connectivity have been the major jump this gen so far, hopefully we'll see more with coming years =)

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