John Mayer Baffled by Guitar Hero

Esteemed guitarist John Mayer isn't so hot at Guitar Hero (which he mistakenly calls Rock Band). He reveals on Twitter that it's like "sex with a Real Doll."

Mayer also seems to think that he has to hold the guitar controller's strum bar down through each note. Once again, another musician doesn't seem immediately adept at Guitar Hero.

Funny enough, a year prior to this, John Mayer was bashing Guitar Hero.

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IanCube5076d ago

Odd but...anyone watch Tiger Woods get killed by Jimmy Fallon at his own profession/sport/GAME?

Seems like real life skills don't translate to video game skills no matter WHO you are.

IdleLeeSiuLung5076d ago

No, but I will take real life skills anytime!

Bnet3435076d ago

I'm sick and tired of idiot music artist bashing Guitar Hero/Rock Band. It's a video game that is played for fun. What is not to get? I'm not a huge fan either, but damn people like John Gayer are just plain stupid. Some people don't want to master an instrument for plus years to learn their favorite songs, they just want to have fun with others. In my case, I play keyboard so I do not want to play two instruments at once and play a guitar as well, so I jumped on Guitar Hero, JUST TO HAVE SOME FUN. Also, this is another medium of music distribution. Why would you not want your music distributed via Rock Band to make more money?

IzKyD13315076d ago

The one thing that I hate about Guitar Hero/Rock Band is when I look on youtube for a REAL acoustic or electric guitar cover of a song I like and end up with like a million search results for a Guitar Hero or Rock Band version

GodGinrai5076d ago

I think it goes the other way too...

HarukoHex5076d ago

while video game skillz don't translate to real life skills, its still a good thing to have a game. because i picked up drums and guitar because of RB & GH, and I now work on cars and stuff because of games like NFS, GT, Froza. so in the end, games actually still hold a great value in RL.

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Parapraxis5076d ago

Says the guy with Liam Gallagher in his avatar.
Is that supposed to be ironic?

sarshelyam5076d ago

Ha Ha indeed...oh the sweet irony. Anyhow, Mayer is a douche-nozzle!

97gsx5075d ago

Say what you will about john mayer but he gets all the poontang.

PS360PCROCKS5076d ago

John Mayer sucks. Last year he was bashing it saying it was stupid. F him.

All Time Greatness5076d ago

Mayer playing with Eric Clapton. Mayer is an amazing guitarist.

PS360PCROCKS5075d ago

I don't care if he's an amazing guitarist. Last year he was saying it was a stupid game and now he's playing it? Pot meet kettle

Baka-akaB5076d ago (Edited 5076d ago )

Well i just take his opinion with a grain of salt .
We shouldnt expect guitar players and artists to care as much as we do , just like i dont necessarily expect a rally champion to care or spend time on a rally pc or console games (outside of obvious marketing gimmicks) .

But yeah he should just shut up a bit as well , especially since he already made his stance pretty clear earlier . Let us enjoy the game .

besides playing a skateboard game is lazy ! Why not go outside and get some broken bones instead ? rite ?

DirtyLary5076d ago

All these games are just glorified "Simon Says" games for people lazy and inapt to learn to play real instruments.

TheAntiFanboy5076d ago

They are. And admittedly enough, Simon is pretty fun. Add great music to it and it simply becomes more fun.

By the way, it's just called Simon.

Baka-akaB5076d ago

Funny thing is no one disagree with you .
it's not even "glorified" .

So , let's go kill ourselves with real snowboard rite ? After all , the games and upcoming accessories are just glorified simon says rite ?

VenomCarnage895076d ago

a bit pessimistic? they are not here for lazy skilless people, they are here for gamers who enjoy music and want to have fun listening to the songs rather than sit there and head bang. ive been playing gh for about a year because its fun. not every gh/rb gamer dreams of being a rock god, they just want to have fun. i do plan to pick up a guitar within the next year or two and i thank gh for it, i never put much thought on it before i played gh but it gave me a respect for the real guitar players and made me want to truly learn to play difficult songs.

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