Goodwill Hunting – 1st Gen Gameboy Cheap Gamer Buyers Guide: How much old school fun can $20 actually buy, how about a 1st gen Gameboy, and a whole slew of extras.

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brandynevils3920d ago

A few things....
-Indiana summers = fail
-Gameboy with all this = win
-flea markets = win

I am so jealous you got this.... I used to play Tetris on my old Gameboy NON-stop. It's probably one of my favorite hand held systems ever.

Milky3920d ago

I have one of these. Near perfect condition. My dad got it from thailand with Bill and Ted's excellent adventure (best game evaar)and a card with 25 games on. If my house was burning down and I could only grab one thing before it collapsed I would grab my gameboy (forget the kids).

Baross20253920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

I've got some old consoles laying around I wonder if they are worth anything.

mau643920d ago

The original gameboy is almost unplayable today. Trying to go back is kinda hard to do. not sure if anybody else thinks this but I sure do

CheatsMcGee3920d ago

Man, this makes me miss my old game boy. It also makes me angry that my original one was lost in a house fire.

Either way, good on ya for finding it. Good find indeed.

Lex Luthor3920d ago

Lol, still got my 1st gen gameboy.

GameOn3920d ago

Still got mine too. It usually requires a solid whak to get it started somtimes though.

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The story is too old to be commented.