Neocrisis - Costly Dell Mistake

Neocrisis: Have you ever heard of a $15 Dell Monitor? I will assume not. In any case, they made quite a costly mistake. On the night of june 25, the Dell's Taiwan site was selling their $150, 19 inch monitors for only $15.

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Viatrophy4332d ago

How many adverts can you have on one page?! That's ridiculous. Are you even allowed to put adverts in scroll boxes? I didn't think Google Adwords allowed it.

And things like this happen quite often, Dell listed a £3k graphics card for something really small like £20 last year, none of the orders went through as they just told everyone who purchased one that there was an error with there system (I know this, because I tried to buy 2 of them at that price point). ;)

Ninjamonkey4332d ago

You should have complained.

If something is marketed at being a certain price then if you actually order it I think they have to supply it to you at that given price.

kaveti66164331d ago

Haha, probably just karma for something they did before. Or they're just stupid enough to keep making these errors. Either way, it's deserved.