PALGN: Just Cause 2 Preview

PALGN writes: "Of course, screenshots, interviews and gameplay videos can only tell half a story and until we have some hands-on time with the game, it's tough to put together a solid opinion about Just Cause 2. That said, we liked aspects of what we saw in the first title and we're incredibly optimistic for this one given that Avalanche has spent much time at the drawing board addressing the criticisms of the first instalment in effort to give gamers a more rounded action experience. Overall, Just Cause 2 reminds us of the no holds barred experience of Pandemic's chaotic action title Mercenaries 2 and it has definitely piqued our interest as a title to watch in 2010".

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KR1ST0F3R4335d ago

I am really looking forward to this game, it is actually my most anticipated. loved the FIRST one, despite its many bugs - such as the ability to fly planes under water.

not many other people really seem bothered about it at all.